Last week’s blog post taught you how to see which of your Resources (treatment rooms and specialised equipment/machines) were less productive. Now that you’ve figured out which resources could be more productive, you’re ready to implement some strategies to get more clients booking those services of yours which require a room or machine.

Boost your rebookings

Get your clients to rebook before they leave the salon. To encourage them to do so, come up with an incentive i.e. rebook now and receive $10 off your next appointment. Having the client’s next appointment scheduled before they leave ensures that you secure their next booking and no one else does. Simple Salon has the Rebook Reminder pop up at the end of the sale, therefore it’s easy to remember to ask the client if they’d like to rebook now, then mention the incentive to get them over the line. Doing this for as many clients as possible will boost your rebooking rate. To see what your rebooking rate is, go to Reporting > Report List > Client Retention Report.

Increase appointment frequency and reduce target rebook period

For those who didn’t rebook, get them to do so sooner rather than later. Here’s why this is effective—think about what your annual revenue is. Now consider your target rebook period, it’s most likely somewhere around 8 weeks (this means that you like to rebook clients’ appointments every 8 weeks). If you were to reduce this target rebook period by a few days, let’s say 7 and a half weeks, or better yet, 7 weeks, you’ll significantly increase your salon revenue. You’ll have significantly more appointments during the year, which means your revenue increase.

Share the workload

In the case that one operator has a day full of appointments, and another operator has lots of time available, drag some of the appointment from the busy operator to the quiet operator. Also, encourage your busy operators to adopt a stronger selling mentality—get them to upsell their clients and book the resulting additional services/treatments into one of the quieter operator columns. This not only increases productivity for all resources, as more rooms are now being booked, it also increases your clients’ average spend.

Go ahead and implement the above strategies to see an increase in the productivity and profitability of your resources.

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