More bang
for your buck

No contracts. No fixed-term. No sign-up fees.

More bang for your buck

No contracts.
No fixed term.
No sign up fees.

Choose your package

All prices are inclusive of GST

1 Staff
AUD / Month


2-3 Staff
AUD / Month
Unlimited Staff
AUD / Month
  • t$113.99
    Each location requires a Simple Salon Single, Standard or Unlimited package, and then the Dome links the multiple location packages together allowing reporting, marketing and management across all locations centrally
AUD / Month
    More bookings
    • Appointment calendar
      Beautiful appointment scheduling with all the bells and whistles
    • Online booking

      New and current customers can sign up and book online. Features searchable URL and location map. Easily add to your own website

    • Social channel integration
      Get online bookings directly from Facebook and Instagram
    • Online gift vouchers

      Sell and redeem gift vouchers online

    • Centralised
    • Centralised
    More tools
    • Powerful in-depth reporting

      Run reports on any aspect of your business

    • Auto & manual marketing
      Rebook reminders, followup/aftecare messages, appointment reminders, birthday messages and much more
    • Benchmarking

      See how your business compares to other businesses of similar size

    • Stock management
      Set stock quantities and levels for accurate tracking and seamless ordering
    • Full API
      Develop custom app solutions or connect existing apps using our Developer API
    • Access to data via ADLA
      Build your own custom reports with ADLA by Simple Salon. Take your business reporting to the next level
    • Salon Memberships
      Build your own custom reports with ADLA by Simple Salon. Take your business reporting to the next level
    • Social Integration
      Build your own custom reports with ADLA by Simple Salon. Take your business reporting to the next level
    • Centralised
    • Centralised
    • Centralised
    More enrolment
    • Operator KPI's
      Set operator targets for wages vs sales, retail sales, clients per day, avg client spend per day and rebook rate
    • Staff commissions
      Staff can earn commission based on revenue from services, products, product profit, packages and gift vouchers
    • Operator reporting
      In depth reporting to see all figures related to your operators
    • Roster

      Fully customisable staff rostering

    • Manage user access

      Control what your staff see and access when they log in

    • Centralised
    • Centralised
    • Centralised
    • Centralised
    More clients
    • Automatic SMS & email
      Set automatic appointment reminders, rebook reminders, followup/aftercare messages, birthday messgaes, first time client messages and more
    • Appointment reminders
      Set 1 or 2 rounds of auto SMS/email appointment reminders to send your desired number of days before appointments
    • Follow Up / Aftercare Messages
      Have your custom aftercare message automatically send after a client’s appoitment
    • Rebook reminders
      The rebook reminder will send your desired number of days/weeks after the client’s appointment if they haven’t already rebooked
    • Client capture form
      Hand your client the tablet for them to add or update their personal details via the client capture form
    More freedom
    • Remote access
      Access your Simple Salon account from any location on any computer or device
    • Multiple devices at one time

      There can be an unlimited number of users logged into your account at any one time from any number of computers or devices

    • Add On integrations
      Simple Salon connects to Xero Accounting, Aferpay, Zip, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, POS 99, Slick and more


    • Report accross all locations
      Run reports from the top level across all locations in one go
    • Market to all locations
      SMS and email all clients from all locations in one go
    • Centralised apt scheduling
      Take bookings for all locations from one place
    • Shared client cards
      Clients can visit any location and their one client profile and history can be accessed in all locations
    • Centralised staff roster

      Roster staff for all locations from one place

    • Consistent brand identity

      Easily share services, products, packages and vouchers across all locations

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    Choose your package

    All prices are inclusive of GST


    Can I transfer my data?

    Yep, you sure can. We get loads of people coming from other software like Shortcuts, Timely, Kitomba, Fresha (Shedul), Square, and more. We can even help you figure out how to do it (hint, it’s not hard). You can also download your data from Simple Salon at any time.

    Can I use my existing device?

    Yes, you can. As long as your existing device isn’t a manual typewriter! Just kidding (not really). Simple Salon works with any computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet connectivity. PS. You can even use your phone’s hotspot to hook up to Simple Salon in hard to reach places.

    Is there anything to install?

    Nup. Nothing to install. Simple Salon works in any of your normal browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Brave. Get going today, as soon as you sign up.

    Is it safe?

    We invest a load of moola (that’s Australian for cash) into the most secure technology available. We also use the same technology used for banks to keep your data YOUR data alone. PS. For anyone who needs to know, the servers are in Australia.

    Can I get training?

    Sure can. We offer a range of videos to help you get started quickly and easily. And if you’d like a personal training session as well we offer an online session from $199 (2 hours, on the phone). You can request to make a time for personal training here.

    Are there any other costs? Does it include SMS/texts?

    There are no other monthly costs. And, by only charging you for the SMS/text messages you actually use we keep our subscription fees as low as possible. Charging only for messages used is also a great way to keep track of your marketing spend—which is, of course, a tax write-off. Each SMS is 11 cents and you purchase credit-batches directly from within the software whenever you choose.