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Brand New Online Bookings

The brand new high-performance online booking platform has been built with you in mind. It is easy to set up and simple to use for you and your clients. Every Simple Salon customer gets an online booking mini-site that is easily found on Google using its location-based URL. The new online booking platform can also be easily embedded into your existing website, and you can even link it to your Facebook – Book Now button…

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New Year, New Features

With the new year in full swing, we’re about to release a bunch of fresh new features—the ones you’ve been asking for. We love to receive your feature requests, but what we love even more is to deliver… we’re about to give you what you want. Check out what’s just around the corner…

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Get the most out of your Campaign Report

Did you know that anytime you send an SMS or email to a client it's tracked in your Campaign Report? This includes SMS and email Reminders and Promotions. Reminders are the automatic 1st and 2nd Appointment Reminder messages which are set up in your 1-Touch...

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What makes Simple Salon stand out from the crowd?

Recently I was asked, "What's Simple Salon's USP?" USP... had to google that one. Turns out it means "Unique Selling Position". So, in other words, I was being asked what makes Simple Salon stand out from the crowd? Well, here's it is—a few reasons for why we are a...

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Say ‘Hello’ to Document & Photo Management

We've got a brand new, hot off the production line feature for you.... drum roll please... say hello to Document & Photo Management. It's here! You've been asking for it and we have delivered. Simple Salon now allows you to upload one or more photos, files, and...

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It’s time you understood your Sales Report

There's a good chance you've got your favourite go-to figure in your Sales Report... perhaps it's the totals row at the bottom of the first section, or maybe it's the very last number in the TOTAL row... those figures seem the most straight forward right? But how...

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