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Don’t wait until you’re bigger, Simple Salon makes you bigger

Here’s a myth buster

You don’t have to wait until you’re a bigger business before you use Simple Salon… Simple Salon makes you big. How about if you’re already a big business? Well, Simple Salon will make you bigger.

Even though you pay a very small monthly fee to use Simple Salon, you can easily make that fee back… PLUS heaps more money on top of that. Simple Salon works FOR you by generating you MORE business.

As little as one extra appointment a month will pay for Simple Salon

To have Simple Salon you pay a monthly fee of either $19, $49, or $99 (depending on how many staff you have). Your client’s average spend is most likely approximately the same amount as the Simple Salon monthly fee you pay. Therefore, to cover the cost of the monthly fee, all you need is one extra appointment a month.

Well, Simple Salon will get you that extra appointment easily. Not only that though, Simple Salon can get you loads more appointments every month.

All you need to do is use Simple Salon to send out an SMS promotion or a free email promotion (as little as once a month) and watch how many more appointments you get.

So really, you basically don’t pay anything for Simple Salon, it actually pays you.

Click here to see how you can send an email or SMS to all or some of your clients this month.

If you haven’t got Simple Salon yet, click here to get started today and make your business grow.

Online Booking Simplified with new Slick ‚ÄėPay At Salon‚Äô

Since the launch of the new Online Booking platform powered by our partner Slick, the response has been amazing. In only a few short months we’ve added a staggering number of locations all over the Simple Salon network with an ever increasing number of bookings being made daily.

As part of our ongoing quest to deliver the best Online Booking experience for you and your clients, we‚Äôve paid close attention to your feedback. As a result, we have been working closely with Slick to implement changes and features requested by you. The first of these they call ‚ÄėPay at Salon‚Äô.

With ‚ÄėPay at Salon‚Äô your clients can now book via the Slick app without paying upfront. You simply accept the booking and take the payment in your salon via the normal Simple Salon POS page.

This means you are able to adjust the client’s booking when they’re with you at the salon. And you no longer have to wait to receive the funds as the client pays via your normal payment process.

The ‚ÄėPay Upfront‚Äô option is still available. Now you can choose to have your clients pay upfront via the app or when they come into the salon for their appointment.

Click here to set up Pay At Salon.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon, in the meantime start filling those empty salon chairs by completing your Slick setup.

Get the most out of your Campaign Report

Did you know that anytime you send an SMS or email to a client it’s tracked in your¬†Campaign Report?

This includes SMS and email¬†Reminders¬†and¬†Promotions.¬†Reminders¬†are the automatic 1st and 2nd¬†Appointment Reminder¬†messages which are set up in your¬†1-Touch Marketing¬†section, and¬†Promotions¬†include everything else‚ÄĒthe automatic¬†First Visit,¬†Birthday, and¬†New Client¬†messages, as well as the manual¬†SMSs and emails you send from your¬†Marketing¬†page,¬†Appointments¬†page, or from your reports.

Your¬†Campaign Report¬†is located in your¬†Marketing¬†page. It’s a really good idea to get familiar¬†with the report, as it will give you important information about the status of the SMSs and emails you send.

What do you do if a client says they didn’t receive their SMS?

STEP 1. Check SMS status in Campaign Report

If a client says they didn’t receive an SMS, this is something that you can easily investigate. Go to your¬†Campaign Report, change the dates to the day the message was sent to them, click¬†Recipients¬†for the SMS campaign, and check the status next to their name.

If it says Sent, then the system has done everything it can do to send it to the client.

If it says¬†Error, click the¬†Error¬†link and see the reason why i.e. no mobile number. If you’re unsure of what the error message means, send it to us in a support ticket and we’ll explain it to you.

If it says¬†Pending, then the campaign is still in the process of sending, so check back a bit later once it’s finished sending.


STEP 2. Check SMS status in Simple Salon Messaging

If the SMS status says¬†Sent, in the Campaign Report, however, the client is still saying they didn’t receive it, you can investigate it further. Go to your¬†Admin¬†page, choose the¬†SMS & Email¬†tab, and click¬†Buy Credits. This will take you across to your¬†Simple Salon Messaging¬†account. Once in the account, go to¬†MESSAGING¬†(top left) and change the dates to when the SMS was sent. Browse through the list of sent SMSs until you find the client you’re looking for. You can also use the¬†Number Lookup¬†search field to find them. Once you have located the message, which was sent to them, have a look at the¬†Status¬†column. If it says¬†Sent, then it was sent to the client, at which point it was up to the phone network company to deliver the message. Once it gets sent from¬†Simple Salon¬†to¬†Simple Salon Messaging, and then from¬†Simple Salon Messaging¬†to the client, we have no further control over the delivery of the SMS.


The other cool thing about your¬†Campaign Report¬†is that it records your client’s SMS replies. Click¬†Recipients¬†for any SMS campaign and see the replies from your clients displayed in the¬†Response¬†column.

Go ahead and check out your Campaign Report to see for yourself how useful it is.

If you haven’t yet got Simple Salon, click¬†here¬†to get started today.

What makes Simple Salon stand out from the crowd?

Recently I was asked, “What’s Simple Salon’s USP?” USP… had to google that one. Turns out it means “Unique Selling Position”. So, in other words, I was being asked what makes Simple Salon stand out from the crowd? Well, here’s it is‚ÄĒa few reasons for why we are a stand-out when it comes to salon software.


There is so much to gain when you go online‚ÄĒflexibility, control, mobility, and power. With Simple Salon you can manage your business from anywhere, anytime, from any computer and device… and unlike pretty much all the other salon software programs, with Simple Salon you DON’T pay any extra per computer/device.

If your internet “goes down”, securely login from any other computer, device or smartphone. Smartphones connect to the phone network‚Äôs internet, therefore in the event that you have no wifi, simply log into your Simple Salon account on¬†your iPhone, iPad or Android device.¬†All your data is backed up every moment of the day, so you won’t lose anything.


It’s amazing how much some people are paying for salon software, but there’s no reason to paying so much. With Simple¬†Salon, you only pay an affordable monthly fee based on the number of operator columns you require in your¬†Appointments¬†page.

There is no sign-up cost, no contracts, you can stop at any time, and there is no cancellation fee. See below for the packages:

Single Package (1 Operator) – $19 per month
Standard Package (2-3 Operators) – $49 per month
Unlimited Package (Unlimited Operators – 4 or more) – $99 per month

SMS cost is only 9 AUD cents per SMS.


Simple Salon pretty much does everything‚ÄĒAppointments, POS, Reporting, Staff Rostering, Wages, Xero Integration, Online Bookings, SMS/Email¬†Reminders/Promotions and heaps more… ALL for a very affordable price.

Not only that though, Simple Salon works FOR you by generating more business.¬†Put it this way, one extra appointment¬†a month will pay for Simple Salon. Opportunities for marketing and promotions are endless‚ÄĒsend out an SMS promotion¬†or a free email promotion and watch how many more appointments you get that month. Simple Salon makes your business grow… so really, you basically don’t pay anything because the system actually makes you money.

If you don’t have Simple Salon yet, click¬†here¬†to get started today.

Part Two‚ÄĒHow to make your ‘Resources’ more profitable

Last week’s blog post taught you how to see which of your Resources (treatment rooms and specialised equipment/machines) were less productive. Now that you’ve figured out which resources could be more productive, you’re ready to implement some strategies to get more clients booking those services of yours which require¬†a room or machine.

Boost your rebookings

Get your clients to rebook before they leave the salon. To encourage them to do so, come up with an incentive i.e. rebook now and receive $10 off your next appointment. Having the client’s next appointment scheduled¬†before they leave ensures that you secure their next booking and no one else does. Simple Salon has the Rebook Reminder¬†pop up at the end of the sale, therefore it’s easy to remember to ask the client if they’d like to rebook now, then mention the incentive to get them over the line. Doing this for as many clients as possible will boost your rebooking rate. To see what your rebooking rate is, go to Reporting > Report List > Client¬†Retention Report.

Increase appointment frequency and reduce target rebook period

For those who didn’t¬†rebook, get them to do so sooner rather than later. Here’s why this is effective‚ÄĒthink about what your annual revenue is. Now consider your target rebook period, it’s most likely somewhere around 8 weeks (this means that you like to rebook clients’ appointments every 8 weeks). If you were to reduce this target rebook period by a few days, let’s say 7 and a half weeks, or better yet, 7 weeks, you’ll significantly increase your annual salon revenue. You’ll have significantly more appointments during the year, which means your revenue¬†increase.

Share the workload

In the case that one operator has a day full of appointments, and another operator has lots of time available, drag some of the appointment from the busy operator to the quiet operator. Also, encourage your busy operators to adopt a stronger selling mentatity‚ÄĒget them to upsell their clients and book the resulting additional services/treatments into one of the quieter operator columns. This not only increases productivity for all resources, as more rooms are now being booked, it also increases your clients’ average spend.

Go ahead and implement the above strategies to see an increase in the productivity and profitability of your resources.

If you haven’t yet got Simple Salon, click here to get started today and take your salon to a new level of success.

Part One‚ÄĒHow productive are your treatment rooms and specialised machines?

This post is for you if you have treatment rooms which the operator and client occupy during an appointment or specialised equipment which is required in order to administer¬†the client’s service i.e. IPL machine. We refer to these rooms and specialised equipment as “Resources”.

Simple Salon makes it possible for you to set up your rooms and machines as Resources, then assign these resources to specific services. This means that any time a client books a service which has a resource assigned to it, the appointment will be automatically allocated to the room it is performed in or the machine it requires.

Once you’ve assigned the resources to the services, the system will do the rest of the thinking for you. By clicking the red Appointments menu in your Appointments page, you can flick between the Show Operators and Show Resources¬†column views. Make your appointment as per usual with the operator (via Show Operators view), then the system will put the appointment in the assigned resource column (in the Show Resources view). You can also manually move appointments between operator columns and between resource columns.

If you’ve already got your resources set up, then read on as you’re about to find out how productive your rooms and machines are. If you haven’t yet set up your resources, click here to do so first.

How productive are your Resources?

Go to Reporting, then Report List, scroll down, click the Resources Report and choose your desired date range. Each of your resources is listed and at a glance, you can see the number of visits each resource has had, the revenue generated from these visits and the total time clients have spent in the rooms or using the machines. In the Show Details column, click the Visits link for any resource to see which services have been booked in that room or on that piece of equipment.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 3.37.54 PM

Get the most out of this powerful feature by assigning your resources to your services, and then utilise the Resources Report to see how productive each one actually is. Once you embark on this kind of analysis, you can implement strategies to make your resources even more effective.

Stay tuned, as next week’s post looks at tips and tricks for how to make your resources more productive and profitable. Once you’ve followed the tips in this post and know which rooms/machines need a little extra attention, you’ll then be ready to learn how you can get more clients booking the services that require these resources.

If you haven’t yet got Simple Salon, click here to get started today and make your salon grow.

Say ‘Hello’ to Document & Photo Management

We’ve got a brand new, hot off the production line feature for you…. drum roll please… say hello to Document & Photo Management. It’s here! You’ve been asking for it and we have delivered. Simple Salon now allows you to upload one or more photos, files, and documents to client cards and appointments.


Photos and files can now be uploaded to the personal details section of your clients’ client cards. In just a few clicks documents like consultation forms and surveys, and photos¬†like before and after shots can now become a part of the clients’ details.

Go to this article to see how to upload photos to client cards and this article to see how to upload files to client cards.


Photos and files can now become a part of your clients’ visit history now that you can upload them directly to your clients’ appointments. Once uploaded, when you view a¬†client’s appointment, the appointment specific images and documents will display first.

Go to this article to see how to upload photos to appointments and this article will to see how to upload files to appointments.

It’s time you understood your Sales Report

There’s a good chance you’ve¬†got your favourite go-to figure¬†in your Sales Report…¬†perhaps it’s the totals row at the bottom of¬†the first section, or maybe it’s the very last number in the TOTAL row… those figures seem the most straight forward right? But how about all of the other rows and numbers in between? Well, guess what, after you’ve read this post you’ll understand it all, it’s easy. When it comes to the¬†Sales Report¬†you’ll be able to say, “Yep, I get it!”.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 1.05.19 PM

So, there’s the Sales Report, and here’s the main gist of it in a nut shell‚ÄĒthe¬†Total Revenue Summary figure is the total¬†revenue from all of the rows above it added together; the¬†Total Revenue Summary with Corrections¬†figure is the¬†Total Revenue Summary¬†figure plus¬†or minus the totals in the rows immediately above; the¬†Total Costs Summary¬†figure is the total amount spent by the salon (by adding up the negative totals in the rows immediately above); and the¬†TOTAL figure is the¬†Total Revenue Summary with Corrections figure¬†minus¬†Total¬†Costs Summary figure.

Got it? Okay, so that might have gone over your head. Let’s take a closer look at the Sales Report by going to this article. The article will further break it down by explaining what each row and number means.

One last tip‚ÄĒwith Simple Salon you’re not restricted to the salon, right?¬†So,¬†go ahead and have a play with this report anywhere, anytime… it doesn’t have to be at work. Even take a moment to enjoy your business reports next time you’re kicking back with a coffee at the cafe.

Slick keeps getting better

Everyone is loving Slick and we’re super excited to release some new features to you based on your suggestions and feedback.¬†Introducing three new updates to make your Slick experience even more seamless‚ÄĒAutomatic Markup for Service Prices,¬†SMS and Email Booking¬†Alerts¬†and¬†Double the Time to Accept. In addition, we have another exciting new feature which is coming very soon‚ÄĒPay at Salon. Read on to learn about how each of these new features¬†work.

Automatic Markup for Service Prices

Now you can automatically mark up your normal salon prices for sales made via the Slick App.¬†For example, let’s say you would like to charge $10 for an Eyebrow Wax in the salon, but $11 for the same service when it’s booked via Slick. There’s no need to change the price of the services in your Simple Salon account,¬†instead, you can simply add a markup percentage to your services in Slick. In this case the markup is 10%, however, you can make it as much or as little as you like. Click¬†here¬†to see how this new feature works.

SMS and Email Booking Alerts

We’ve made it easier for you to manage how you receive booking¬†alerts. Simply¬†enter¬†an email address and/or mobile number to receive the SMS/email messages which alert¬†you to new bookings¬†made via Slick. Click¬†here¬†to see how this new feature works.

Double the Time to Accept Bookings

Many of you have said 30 minutes is not enough time to accept a Slick Booking! We have listened and doubled it to one hour! Never miss a booking again, you have an entire hour to accept a booking.

COMING SOON ‚ÄĒ Pay at Salon

We have received many requests to allow your clients to make a booking without paying upfront. Very soon, your clients will be able to pay for their Slick booking when they visit your salon. The choice is yours. You can choose to take the payment upfront via the app, or when the client is with you in your salon. Stay tuned for more info.

Before & After Photos

Your before photos give your after photos a powerful context making your artistry tell a story…

When you post a single photo of your client’s finished look, you might get a “That looks nice” kind of response, however, if you post the finished product alongside a photo of the overgrown look they were sporting when they arrived at your salon, you’ll get a “Wow, that’s amazing!” kind of response… and why’s that? Because now there’s a story and it has contrast. Or how about if you post a photo of your clients new set of lusciously full lashes, you might get a “Looks good” kind of a response, but if you post it with a shot of the barely-there lash look your client showed up on your doorstep with, then you’ll get yourself an “Ooh I love it” kind of a response…and why’s that? Because you’re giving the after photo some context.

So, that was a hot tip for you, but there’s another reason why we’re talking about before and after photos…

Very soon we will be releasing a brand new before and after photo feature in Simple Salon. This new feature will allow you to upload all of your before and after photos to your client cards in Simple Salon, as well as documents and files. This means that you can keep track of your clients’ looks. It’s great to refer back to your client’s past looks to see what they had done last time in the case that they want the same thing again or perhaps a slight deviation from what they previously had. No more trying to remember what you did and no more only relying on written notes… see it for real with the photos you upload to their profile.

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