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The number one question we get asked

“How can I target those clients who haven’t been in for some time?”

What a great question to ask! If you’ve found yourself thinking about this, or maybe you’ve even asked us this question before, then you are tapping into some very powerful areas of opportunity for your business. When you know how to retain your clients, you increase your rebooking rate and your salon becomes more profitable.

We have created for you an efficient way to bring up a list of your clients who came in sometime ago, but haven’t been in since, nor do they have any future appointments. A few clicks will generate for you this client list, and from there you can send them all an SMS or email telling them that you miss them, and that you’d love to see them again. In this promotional SMS or email extend to them an offer for a free service, or Gift Voucher—give them an incentive to come back.

Click here to see how you can bring up a list of your clients who haven’t been in for awhile, and send them all an SMS or email. As a direct result of this specialised target marketing, you’ll have more clients coming through your salon doors in no time.

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All Moustaches Welcome—turn your salon into a Mo-Space this month

It’s bound to get a whole lot furrier in the salon this month now that Movember is upon us. Get your salon on the band wagon and capitalise on the viral momentum of this well established Men’s Health Campaign.

During the month of November, and particularly at the end, there will be lots of hairy men getting around in need of some serious grooming. Why not put it out there that your salon is armed and ready, clippers on hand, to take on these fuzzy faces. Get it out there with a promotional Movember email campaign, specifically targeted at your men.

If you are using your Simple Salon to record gender in the personal details section of your client cards, then you can send all of your males a Movember Email Promotion via the All Clients option in Marketing—use the Gender filter to get a list of your males. If you’re not recording gender, no problem, send the email campaign to All Clients, as there will be plenty mothers, wives, sisters and girlfriends out there who will receive your email and tell the boys in their lives about the alluring Movember Email Promotion you have waiting for them.

As to what kind of offer you’d like to extend to your boys, that is up to you. A free moustache groom with every hair cut is a good start, or perhaps the other way round—a free hair cut when they come to you to get that furry face of theirs groomed. 

Click here to send your Movember promotion today!

Client Discounts—personally connects you to your clients

Simple Salon has many ways to connect you to your clients. It’s one thing to connect, but it’s another to connect with them on a personal level. It’s the personal touch that keeps your clients coming back to you.

One of the ways to personally connect with your clients is via the Simple Salon Client Discount feature. This powerfully flexible feature allows you to create lots of different client discounts, each tailored and personalised to suit your client groups. All you need to do is create your Discount Types, create your various Client Categories, assign your clients to their categories, and then match up each Discount Type with each Client Category. The client discount will be automatically applied to the clients sale when you add them to POS.

Get creative with your client discounts. To get you started, we’ve come up with some ideas for effective client discounts. Don’t stop there though, as the possibilities for client discount types are endless.

For those older clients of yours, how about you setup a Senior Discount for them. Let’s say you’d like the senior discount to give them 10% off, and made available to them every day. You can do just this, as the Client Discount feature allows for regular, around the clock, client discounts.

How about your students? Let’s make them feel special as well. It’s exam time at the moment so perhaps you could encourage your students to come in for some rest and relaxation during this next potentially stressful month with a $20 off discount, just for them. Create a Student Discount for $20 off, which is only available during the month of November. The Client Discount feature allows you to set a ‘Limited Date Range’ for any of your discount types.

Another client group worth targeting are your mums and bubs. Create a Mums & Bubs Discount, which is only available on a certain day of the week. Pick a day of the week which is generally a more quiet one, and use this client discount to generate more business on this particular day each week. The Client Discount feature gives you an ‘Available On’ option in order for you to choose which day(s) of the week the discount can be redeemed. Therefore, if Tuesdays are a day which you’d like to see become a little busier, then create the Mums & Bubs Tuesday Discount for perhaps 20% off, to get more of your mums in on that day.

Take it a step further with your Simple Salon Marketing and send any of your client categories a promotional SMS or email to let them know about the client discount you have available just for them.

Click here to start using your Client Discount feature, and generate more business today.

Simple Salon builds you a strong loyal client base

Simple Salon allows you to implement a powerful Loyalty Program designed to reward your clients. The Simple Salon Loyalty Program helps you build a strong, reliable, loyal client base. An effective Loyalty Program will keep your clients coming back time after time to earn points, to then be rewarded for their loyalty.

Having a loyalty program entices new clients and encourages your existing clients. Potential clients have more reason to start seeing you, and your existing clients have something that they are working towards, which keeps them coming back.

Loyalty points can be applied to any sale item such as Services, Products, Gift Vouchers and Packages. Each time your clients purchase any of these items, which have points attached to them, the points are added to the clients loyalty points total.

Clients can accumulate points and then when they have reached a certain number of points they can use the points to redeem free services, which you have setup, or they can convert their points to a Gift Voucher of your choice.

Alternatively, you can use the Auto Loyalty Points setting to automatically apply points to all items in any of these categories (i.e. all services, all products, all vouchers, and/or all packages).

Click here to see how you can setup your very own Loyalty Points Program. The setup will take you through enabling clients for loyalty points, applying points to individual services, products, vouchers and packages, setting up your Auto Loyalty Points, redeeming services with points, and converting your clients’ loyalty points to Gift Vouchers.

Now, if you haven’t yet got your very own Simple Salon account, click here to get started and take your business into a new era of growth today!

Feature Release: Adding services to existing appointments

Here at Simple Salon we like to take onboard your feedback and ideas and, where possible, turn them into fresh new updates. We’ve been doing quite a bit of this lately and, based on one of your requests, we’ve designed a new feature to further streamline your appointment scheduling process.

At times you’ll have clients request to have a service, or two, added to their existing appointment, so we’ve updated your Simple Salon so that in just a few simple steps you can add extra services to your clients’ already made appointments, without having to recreate the new appointment from scratch. The existing appointment works in much the same way as a bucket, it will fill up with the new services as you keep adding to it.

With the release of this new update, now all you need to do is click the clients name on their existing appointment, select Add Service, then pick from your service list the extra service(s) the client would like. The new service(s) will be added to the clients existing appointment. To view the contents of the appointment bucket, click the clients name on their appointment, and select Items in the Visit Details window.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.54.32 PM

Click here to see how you can start using this great new feature, and stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!

Have two-sided conversations with your clients & keep them coming back

Have you ever had a one-sided conversation with someone where, before you know it, it’s become a game of 20 questions and you’re stuck in a very uninteresting monolog wondering what else could you possibly say to make the other person give you more than a blank stare. We’ve all been there, and it’s just awkward. Well, Simple Salon assures you that you won’t find yourself in that situation when it comes to your clients, because with the Simple Salon 2 Way Messaging we are all about a good ol’ quality two-sided conversation.

When you engage with your clients Simple Salon gives them a way to respond. When you send your clients an SMS reminder, or even a promotional SMS message, all of your clients’ replies go to your Campaign Report. Simply click the Recipients column for any SMS Campaign, and you’ll see the list of clients who were sent the SMS along with any replies in the Response column.

Have your clients reply Yes to their SMS Reminder for their appointments to be automatically confirmed. When they do so, the letter C for Confirmed will automatically display on their appointment—this means less no show for you. Keep an open conversation going with your clients with the Simple Salon Marketing. Use the various Marketing options to entice your client groups with promotional SMS’s to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

It’s all about communication and with Simple Salon it’s just that, simple. Simple, but powerful.

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Your Business Checklist for Success

Simple Salon is a powerful business tool specifically designed to grow your business and increase your profitability. Use this blog post as a Business Checklist to ensure that you are utilising each of the 9 features mentioned below to maximise your business potential and become more successful.

Reduce your number of ‘No Shows’Simple Salon has been specially built to ensure that you don’t find yourself with empty seats due to your clients forgetting their appointments. Simply turn on your 1-Touch Marketing for appointment reminders, and your clients will automatically be sent their SMS or email reminder a day or two before their appointment. With the added benefit of 2-Way Messaging, your clients can reply Yes to their SMS reminder, which will automatically pop the letter C, for Confirmed, on their appointment. This an incredibly simple way to make your business that bit more successful.

Track your performance so you know which areas of your business require attentionWe have provided you with a wonderful way to see at a glance how your business and staff are performing. The Simple Salon Dashboard gives you a visual snapshot of your sales, operator revenue, and rebooking rate for the day, week and month. Use the Dashboard to learn your sales trends and identify opportunities for growth. The Dashboard equips you with useful information so that you know which areas of your business require attention, to then be able to adopt the right marketing technique for new growth.

Take bookings 24/7Enlarge the window of opportunity that clients have to make appointments by turning on your Advanced Online Bookings. While you’re at work, and even better, while you’re not, your appointment book can keep filling up. Your existing clients, and new clients, can jump online via your website and book themselves in. Setup your salon and staff hours to reflect your availability online. You can also enable online payments so that all online bookings are pre-paid in full via your online booking site. With the Simple Salon Online Bookings business can keep growing by the minute.

Engage with your clientsEach time you engage with your clients on a personal level you build a stronger connection. Even just an automated Welcome Message for your first time clients, or a ‘We Miss You’ SMS or email sent from your Marketing page—each time you reach out to your clients they notice, and as a result are more likely to come back.

Keep asking us questionsThe Simple Salon Help Desk agents have an outstanding level of understanding for the every single question you have. With super prompt replies, and answers which are set out in a very easy to follow way, all the help you need is at your finger tips from your Help & Support page. From there you can send us your questions, as well as search for any topic in your Knowledge Base. When you reply on us for support and trust the process, you will have a better understanding of your Simple Salon and how it is designed to make your business more successful.

Build a loyal client baseWe suggest that you do this with Gift Vouchers and special Client Discounts for loyal customers. You can use your Client Visit Report and Best Client Report to see who your biggest spenders are, then give these guys a voucher to encourage them. You could also implement the Loyalty Program to reward clients with points, which they can use to redeem services when they reach a certain amount. When you have a loyal client base, you have a solid business foundation.

Stress free accountingNo more double entry required. Have your accounting processes simplified with the Simple Salon integration with Xero Accounting. All of your figures are automatically sent from your Simple Salon account into your Xero account at the end of every day.

Integrated payment processingThe Simple Salon integration with Stripe means that you can take credit card payments via your online bookings site, as well as directly from your Simple Salon POS page on any computer, smartphone or device. Take payments from anywhere, anytime.

Safe in the cloud—Simple Salon is a powerful web based software solution and there is no installation or downloading required. You can access your Simple Salon from anywhere, anytime, and from any computer, device or smartphone. Your data is safe & secure in the cloud, as we use the same security technology as the banks. Go online, as the possibilities for how and where you do business are endless—fly to the other side of the world if you want to.

So, how do you make your business even more successful? All of the above.

If you haven’t already, click here to sign up for your Simple Salon today!

FEATURE UPDATE: Email Address usernames for Online Bookings!

Based on the great ideas and feedback we have received from our clients, we have just released an awesome new enhancement to the Simple Salon Online Bookings feature. Your clients can now register and sign into your Online Bookings site using their email address. Gone are the days of clients forgetting their online booking USER ID, now they can simply login using their email.

New clients can register their details and email address via your Online Bookings login page, and your existing clients can login to make online bookings using their email address and online bookings password.

For all existing clients, this update is already available to them. Up until now they have been using their USER ID to sign in, but from now on they can start signing in with their email address. NOTE: This will be the email address that you have saved in the personal details section of their client card.

Click here to see how the Online Bookings works, and how your clients can start using their emails to login.

Introducing Simple Salon’s Integrated Credit Card Reader

Simple Salon has released a brand new feature to allow you to connect a Swipe Card Reader to your computer to take credit card/debit card payments. No more external credit card machine required.

Many of you have been asking for the ability to connect an external credit card machine to Simple Salon, but we’ve taken it one step further with an integrated card reader. What’s really hot about this feature is that there is no merchant account required to use Stripe.

The Simple Salon integration with Stripe means that you can connect a Swipe Card Reader to your computer and take credit card/debit card payments without an external credit card machine. Simply swipe the credit card through the card reader, which is attached to your computer and linked to your Simple Salon, and the payments will be processed instantly.

You can get started straight away taking payments. Sign up for Stripe, connect your Swipe Card Reader, and away you go!

Click here to learn how you can start using this awesome new feature.

Reminders & Confirmations—what’s the difference?

Simple Salon is designed to send your clients SMS & Email Reminders and SMS & Email Confirmations—but what’s the difference?

Every now and then our Help Desk agents hear questions like, “How come my clients have received two SMS reminders?” Well, your clients haven’t actually received two reminders, but rather one SMS Confirmation, and one SMS Reminder.

You know when you’re on the appointment page, and you are booking a client in? Well, while you’re in the Select Services window choosing the clients’ services, just before you click Confirm to build the appointment there is a tick box that says Send Email/SMS To Client. This tick box is what sends the SMS/Email Confirmation, and that confirmation is sent to the client then and there. The SMS/Email Confirmation reads like this:

Hi Barry! Your appointment at Salon X on 07/09/2015 @ 2:00 PM is CONFIRMED! Tel: 0390001234

Notice that it is confirming the appointment, it’s not a reminder. This is also the same template used for the confirmation SMS or email, which is sent to the clients when they book appointments online.

Now, the SMS/Email Reminder is the one which is sent automatically a day or two before the clients appointment. This is the one which is setup in your SMS & Email tab, in Admin. The SMS/Email Reminder will read something like this:

Hi Barry! Your next appointment at Salon X is on 07/09/2015 @ 2:00 PM. Tel: 0390001234. Reply Yes to confirm

This one is the SMS Reminder, which also allows the client to reply ‘Yes’ to confirm their appointment. When they reply ‘Yes’ to their SMS Reminder, the letter ‘C‘ for Confirmed will automatically display on the clients’ appointments.

Now that you understand the difference, you can understand that if you have the automatic SMS/Email Reminders enabled, then you actually don’t need to be ticking the Send Email/SMS To Client tick box when you are booking appointments. The only time when you might want to tick this option is when you are making an appointment for a client who is coming in later that day, or early the next—basically only if the client has missed the round of automatic SMS/Email Reminders, which have already been sent for the day that their appointment is on.

Click here to see how you can turn on your automatic appointment reminders, so that you no longer need to be ticking that box when you’re making appointments.

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