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New Simple Salon features coming soon!

The Simple Salon dev team doesn’t sit still, they’re always building something new. The pic above is what our developers currently look like… hard at work building your feature requests. By means of recurring coffees and exercise sessions at their desks, where possible, they’re making your suggestions and ideas happen—innovative updates that we know you’ll get a real kick out of.

Based on the requests we’ve received from you, the new and upcoming features include payment plan options, document and photo management, enhanced reporting, and more automated marketing.

The new Payment Plan feature will allow clients to elect to pay via a direct debit payment plan. For example, if they purchase a package and would like to pay it off in installments i.e. $50 per month.

The new Document & Photo Management feature will enable you to upload client related documents, forms, files and photos (i.e. before and after photos) to the client’s client card.

As for the enhancements to reporting and the new automated marketing options, stay tuned for more details.

Keep an eye on your Latest News page in Simple Salon to be the first to use the new updates as they go live.

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What an amazing response to Slick!

It’s been a few weeks since Slick was launched to our Simple Salon clients. We’re super excited to see how many of you have already got your salon listed and have added your operators, services, profile pic and salon profile description to your Slick account. The response to Slick has been fantastic!

Read on to see which of the following three categories you fall into to find out what’s in store for you next. Exciting times ahead.

You haven’t done anything… and you’re wondering what all the excitement is about

Slick is your new advanced online booking app which will be released to the public very soon. You need to get your salon listed on Slick stat because if your business isn’t listed on Slick, customers won’t be able to book online at your salon. Click here to check out one of the latest blog posts and get yourself up to speed… you don’t want to get left behind.

You’ve listed your salon on Slick, but that’s as far as you got

If you’ve only got as far as listing your salon on Slick, don’t stop there. You’re only minutes away from completing the setup. In order for your existing clients and new clients to make online appointments with you, you’ll need to have your operators, services, profile pic and profile description set up too. This takes a matter of minutes, so click here to see how. Even if you just get your top 5 or 10 services on Slick, you’ll be able to take online bookings.

You’ve done it all… in fact, you were so quick, you were probably the first one

If that’s you, then you’ll have your salon listed on Slick, as well as your operators and services displaying in your Slick account. You have also added in a slick (excuse the pun) looking pic of your salon and an enticing profile description which beautifully sums up the culture of your salon. If this is you, then here’s what you have to do next… sit tight, get excited and anticipate the release of the Slick app to the public.

Our Online Booking partner Slick will be releasing the Slick app to the public very soon by making it available to download from the App Store and Google Play so that anyone will be able to book their appointments online via Slick.

Stay tuned by keeping an eye on the Latest News section in your Simple Salon account.

Check out the BRAND NEW Slick website

Many of you have been asking for more details about Slick. We’d like to announce that our Online Booking partner Slick has launched their brand new website!

To get you warmed up and ready to take a tour of this hot off the press site, let us remind you of what Slick is all about.

Slick allows real-time, around-the-clock booking and the chance to advertise empty slots, pushing off-peak and last-minute appointments to generate more revenue. Customers can quickly fill in last-minute cancellation or empty appointment slots, keeping your business running at capacity.

Being a part of Slick, your salon is searchable and listed based on your location and services, opening up your business to be discovered by customers who may never find you otherwise. It even provides your existing customers an easy way to get a booking.

Now you’re ready. Here it is, the Slick website.


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.36.48 PM

A sneak peek at what the Slick app looks like

As you know, last week ‘Slick’ was released to our Simple Salon clients. The response we’ve had from everyone has been fantastic and you’ve been super keen to see what the app looks like, so our partners Slick are giving you a sneak peek.

How the Slick app works

Your existing clients and new clients will discover your salon on Slick, and based on the services, operators and times you have available will book the appointment they’d like. Your salon will receive a notification of the online booking and when you accept the appointment, a confirmation SMS/email will be sent to the client letting them know that their booking is confirmed.

How the Slick app looks

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 3.00.10 PM  Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 4.38.51 PM

When will the Slick app become available to download?

In the coming weeks, the Slick app will be released to the public and will be available to download from the App Store and Google Play so that anyone will be able to book their appointments online via Slick. Stay tuned by keeping an eye on the Latest News section in your Simple Salon account.

Slick is compatible with iOS and Android.

Click here to get your salon listed on Slick, and your services, operators, profile pic and profile description ready to go.

Slick is being launched to YOU first!

You’ve been asking for an Online Booking app… well, here it is. It’s called it Slick, and we’re giving you, our Simple Salon clients, a head start by exclusively releasing it to you first.

The “Slick” logo has now appeared in your Simple Salon account—click “Slick” and be one of the first to get your salon listed. Then in the coming weeks, our Online Booking partner Slick will release the app to the public by making it available to download from the App Store and Google Play so that anyone can book their appointments online via Slick. If your business isn’t listed on Slick, they won’t be able to book online at your salon.

So, what is Slick, and how does it work?

In a nutshell, Slick is your new Mobile Online Booking Platform and Marketplace. It’s your new advanced smartphone app that will fill up gaps in your appointment schedule, cause lots more new clients to walk through your doors and make your salon name loads more popular.

You have countless potential clients out there looking for their next salon appointment. Whether it be that they have last minute plans and they need a hair cut, beard trim, or blow wave, or they’re looking for somewhere new to book their next colour or wax… whatever it may be, when you’re listed on Slick YOU are their solution.

Slick enables anyone and everyone to FIND your salon, TAP an appointment, and BOOK it online at yours, and their, convenience.

So, what happens next?

Click the “Slick” logo up in the top left corner of your Simple Salon account and follow the prompts to get listed.

Also, click here to see how to add your operators, services, profile pic and salon description to your Slick account.

slick_logo_rev_red (1)

A new year calls for turning on some new Simple Salon features

Achieve new business growth in 2017 by turning on some powerful features in your Simple Salon account.

If you were with us a year ago, you would remember we did the same thing at the beginning of 2016… how’d you go with implementing the features we talked about? I’ll jog your memory—we enabled automatic Appointment RemindersLoyalty Points Program, 1-Touch Marketing, as well as implementing a regular visit to your Marketing page. If you didn’t enable all of these features, not to worry, it won’t take long to catch up. Click here to see what we did, and go ahead and enable these features first.

To kick off 2017 we’re looking at a few different features that you can enable in your Simple Salon account to help business this year. Some of these changes will result in more clients and more bookings, and some will result in a more seamless, efficiently run salon. So here we go… this January it’s time to implement the following changes.

For those of you who have a tablet floating round the salon, make use of your Client Capture Form

Instead of handing new clients a clipboard with paper on it, or asking them over the counter what their name and number is (and proceeding to get the spelling wrong), just hand them the iPad (or whatever tablet you’re using in the salon). On the iPad is the Client Capture Form, which the client enters their personal details into and taps Save. As for existing clients, hand them the iPad too, because they can also use the Client Capture Form to update their personal details. Click here to see how you can use the Client Capture Form to streamline your salon operations, and make your clients’ salon experience even smoother.

Use your Simple Salon to make your salon more paperless (going green means less expenses for you)

Did you know it only takes a couple of clicks (or taps, if you’re on a tablet) to view your client history from the Appointment page? By making the switch to viewing your client histories digitally, instead of printing off client cards and operator day cards (so much paper), your salon becomes more paperless. Also, how about all of those paper receipts? There’s actually no need to print them, instead have them automatically emailed to your clients at the end of their transaction. It’s time to turn on a few features in your Simple Salon account to make your salon greener, all the while saving you on the cost of paper. Click here to see how you can turn on these (and more) green features.

So, just to recap, go ahead and start using your tablet to capture your clients’ details and save on paper by becoming a little more digital in the way your salon operates. Then you’ll be on your way to a more successfully run salon.

If you don’t yet have Simple Salon, click here to get started today.

Kick off 2017 with a bang—Get Simple Salon + FREE Data Import (SIGN UP before DEC 31)

When you sign up for Simple Salon before December 31st 2016 you’ll get a FREE Data Import* (valued at $399). This means that come the New Year, you’ll have a fresh new system to manage your salon scheduling, SMS, POS, reporting, marketing (and much more), AND you can have all of your clients, services, products, and staff in there ready to go, for FREE.

The process is simple—sign up with FREEIMPORT in Referral Code of Sign Up Form (don’t choose Data Import from Start Up Options), then email us your data file, or if it is too large, let us know and we’ll email you a link to a dropbox folder in which you can upload the data too. We do also have export instructions for various systems, so upon sign up let us know what program your data is currently in and if we’ve got the instructions (chances are we do), we’ll email you back the steps for how to export the data.

Once we have your data we give ourselves up to one week to complete the import process, then with most of the set up done for you, all you’ll need to do is tweak a few things, and away you go. You’ll be setup and using your new Simple Salon program in no time at all.

Click the SIGN UP button below to get your FREE Data Import, and see the New Year in with a brand new software system for your salon.


*The Data Import covers all clients, operators (staff), products, services, and service history as far back as the past 2 years (provided this is retrievable from your previous system database or the data you provide is in a spread sheet format). Unfortunately future appointments cannot be imported from your previous system, and nor can we import any transaction/financial history.

We have a CHRISTMAS BONUS for you

The festive season is upon us and we’d like to give you an early Christmas pressie. I can take a guess as to what you want for Christmas this year… a big fat card with cash in it? That way you can buy whatever you want. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve got for you, a virtual card with real cash in it. We want to give you $19, $49 or $99… or even more… as much as you want actually. Bring on the Boxing Day sales!

| Here’s how we give you your Christmas Bonus |

When one your industry friends (or as many of them as you like) SIGNS UP before December 24th, you get a CHRISTMAS BONUS. If your friend signs up for a Single Package you get $19; if they sign up for a Standard Package you get $49; if they sign up for an Unlimited Package you get $99. You’re doing the maths aren’t you? Yep, that’s right—if say 5 friends or clients sign up (who you so naturally talk to about salon stuff—latest techniques, strange client experiences, salon software), then you could have yourself an easy up to $500. We know how much you stylists, colourists, and beauty technicians love to chat, so this will be easy for you.

| Here’s how it works |

You get your own referral code, you give it to your friend, and they put it in the Referral Code field of their Simple Salon Sign Up Form. Once they complete the sign up, you automatically receive their first month’s subscription.

| How to get your Referral Code |

Simply go to the Account page in your Simple Salon account, and in the Actions menu click My Referral Link. Your referral code is the number at the end of the link (http://simplesalon.refr.cc/YOURCODE). Alternatively, if your friends go straight to your referral link (http://simplesalon.refr.cc/YOURCODE), it will redirect them to the Simple Salon Online Sign Up Form, with your referral code already entered into the form.

So, what are you buying with your Christmas Bonus this year?


If you’re reading this and you’re actually the one wanting your own Simple Salon account, well we have a special gift for you too. When you SIGN UP before December 24th, you will receive 2 MONTHS FREE. Simply type BLOGPOST into the Referral Code field of the Sign Up Form. Click the voucher below to SIGN UP today.


A very Merry Christmas to you, from all of us at Simple Salon.

Looking at reports is fun—showcasing the Client Management Report

Looking at data, figures and reports is probably not your go-to activity, but when you give it the time of day you soon catch on to how fun it can be, especially when you discover how well your salon is performing, or when you uncover areas of opportunity.

At first “Client Management Report” doesn’t necessarily sound overly enticing, particularly up against some of the more popular reports like “Sales Report, “Operator Report, and “Summary Report—these ones are just asking to be opened. The Client Management Report might play second fiddle to these more notorious ones, and could get overlooked while you scan through your Report List in search of exciting figures… but, if you’ve found yourself skipping past this one, it’s time to head back up the list and uncover the powerful data it contains—let’s take a look.


What this reports shows you is the database percentage and total number of clients who are missing specific personal details, and who haven’t been enabled for various settings. At a glance you see who doesn’t have a mobile number, an email address, their gender selected, an address, or profile photo. It also exposes how much of your database isn’t enabled for SMS and Email Reminders and Promotions. Green is good, red is not good.

To see a list of clients with uncompleted information, click Show Details in any of the rows i.e. No Mobile. To update a client’s details, click the client’s name in the list and on the right side panel add in their mobile number (into the Mobile field—that might seem obvious to some, but you’d be surprised how many people put it in the Telephone field, and if it goes in there the client won’t get any SMS’s). Update any other missing details while you’re at it, and Save the changes.

This report is crucial to ensure that you’re able to reach your clients and engage with them on a personal level. Without a mobile number or email address you’re unable to contact your clients. You can’t remind them of their appointments, and you can’t send them promotional offers—both of which are paramount to the growth of your business. Similarly, your clients who aren’t enabled for SMS and Email Reminders and Promotions are also uncontactable.

To start having some fun in your Client Management Report, log into your Simple Salon account and go to Admin > Reporting > Report List > Client Management Report.

If you haven’t got a Client Management Report, then you need to get your very own Simple Salon account first.


* For each person who signs up with your referral code, you receive their first month’s subscription. What this means is, when your friend or client signs up for a SINGLE package you get $19, a STANDARD package you get $49 or an UNLIMITED package you get $99. Note: All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


See how your clients are finding your salon

Simple Salon records where your clients are coming from so that you can swiftly see how they’re all finding your salon. Perhaps they were referred to you by a friend, or responded to an email you sent. Maybe they found you as a result of an internet search, or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They might have just been walking by, heard about the salon via word of mouth, at an event, on Pinterest, or in a magazine. All of these referral types, and more, are trackable and reportable in your Simple Salon account for each client.

When you get a new client and you’re adding in their personal details, under the More Details section you can record how they found you—we call this a Referral Type. Get into the habit of filling out this piece of information, because it proves beneficial to you later when you do decide to report on how your clients are finding you. This kind of analysis will help you decipher what marketing avenues require a little extra attention. Let’s say that the magazine ad is bringing in new clients, however the internet search isn’t. Might be time to give Google Ad Words more of the budget to increase the number of people finding your salon when they search online.

To report on the popularity of your Referral Types, simply head over to your Marketing page and choose any one of the marketing options there. For example, you can see a list of all your clients and then filter that list by any referral type. Of all your clients you might want to know how many found you on Facebook. To do this, choose the All Clients button, then use the Referral drop down menu to select the referral type you wish to report on i.e. Facebook. Take note of the Total in the top right corner, then run All Clients again but this time choose a different referral type and compare the results.

The opportunities here are endless, because as you can see in your Marketing page you can specific all sorts of client lists—for example, “Clients Who Came In” between any dates you choose, and of those you can see who found you via your Website. Go on, start exploring the options for marketing now.

If you haven’t yet got any way to track your referrals, click here to get Simple Salon today.

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