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Group Services available in Online Bookings

Simple Salon empowers your clients by allowing them to make their own appointments online. At their convenience, your clients can jump online, and in just a few moments, book themselves in. To ensure that it’s a seamless process for them, let’s make it as simple as it can be. You can setup your services in a such a way that while your clients are online booking away, it is very clear to them what they should pick.

You can’t necessarily rely on your clients to always know what services they should book themselves in for. More often than not, appointments are made up of popular service combinations. Therefore, in order for an appointment to be complete, all of the services which make up the booking from start to finish need to be picked in the online booking.

A popular service combination would be a Colour, followed but a Cut, and finished off with a blow dry or a service called Finish. We can’t assume that your clients will know to pick all three of these services online, and that’s why Simple Salon makes it possible for you to create these popular service combinations as Group Services. When you create your popular service combinations as Group Services, and make them available online, your clients only need to pick one thing. A Group Service is setup to include all of the individual services, which make up the appointment from start to finish (Colour, Cut & Finish).

Click here to streamline your Online Bookings by getting those popular service combinations setup as Group Services and available to your clients online.

The Simple Salon “Knowledge Base” is your best friend

While you’re at work, make the Simple Salon Knowledge Base your best friend.

Just like a good ol’ friend, your Knowledge Base is there for you when you need help with something, and it always knows what to say to get you back on track. It even goes as far as to predict the things you’re going to be wondering about, and it has all the answers ready and waiting for when you need them.

You’ll find your Knowledge Base in your Help & Support page, which is located at the top right corner of your Simple Salon account. Go on, pop over there now and take a look. Once you’re there, simply type something into the Search field to look up any topic, hit Enter and all of the topic related articles will display below.

These articles have been cleverly designed so that even the most computer illiterate of you can understand them. There are pictures in there, easy to follow steps, and they are not very long winded either, so you’ll learn everything about the topic in just a few minutes.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you have a second best friend you can turn to—your friendly Help Desk. Up on the top right corner of your Knowledge Base you can Submit a Request with your specific question. Our very computer literate help team are ready and waiting to answer all of your questions. Now, these guys are experts, and they will get back to you with your solution before you can say the words “Simple Salon is the best business management tool ever“. We’re on it.

Click here to get to know your new work best friend better.

Say thank you to your clients who tell their friends about you

It is only natural for your clients to tell their friends and family about the wonderful experiences they have at your salon or beauty clinic. If your clients are anything like me, they like to have something fun and social planned for the evening or day of their hair or beauty appointment. This means that after you’ve finished making them look amazing, they walk out the doors of your salon and into their social setting showcasing their fresh new look. They wear your handy work with pride in front of all their friends, and before you know it, everyone knows where they got their hair done that day.

Positive word of mouth is very powerful, and it will turn into new clients coming in to see you. Wouldn’t it be nice to show your appreciation to those clients of yours who find themselves encouraging their friends and family to book their next appointment with you? Simple Salon is specifically designed so that you can do just this.

When you have a new client, who has been referred to you by one of your existing clients, there is a section in their personal details for you to record who referred them. This information is recorded and can be tracked anytime in your Simple Salon Marketing section, and in your Reports. Simply bring up a list of clients who have referred someone, and reward them with Gift Vouchers or Loyalty Points. This process of recording, tracking and rewarding your clients who have referred someone new, is powerful and seamless. Your Simple Salon is beautifully designed to manage all of your referrals, which in turn means more business for you.

Click here to learn how you can record, track and reward your clients who are referring their friends and family.

What’s your preference—To login, or not to login?

Last week we learnt how to take your business beyond the walls of your salon by maximising on the flexibility of Simple Salon. You realised the potential for an increase in business because your Simple Salon can actually go everywhere your staff go. If you happen to have missed last weeks post, click here to catch up. Now, you might really like the idea that your staff can be out and about on their days off making new appointments on their smartphones, but if not, we have the perfect solution for you too.

We understand that you might not want your staff to log into Simple Salon outside of the salon. If you’re umming and arring about it, keep in mind that if your staff do login outside of the salon, as long as they are setup as a staff role, they can only perform actions like booking appointments and viewing client details—just the basic functions.

With that said, if you still decide that you would only like your staff logging into Simple Salon while they are at work, then this can be arranged. We call it Global Lock Out, and when you turn it on, staff users will only be able to log into Simple Salon on the salon computer, and on the salon tablet if you have one of those floating around as well. Staff users will no longer be able to login on any computer, device or smartphone outside of the salon.

Whether you do or you don’t want staff logging in outside of the salon, it’s completely up to you. Either way, Simple Salon has your preference covered. So, if the Global Lock Out is your thing, click here to learn how you can enable it.

Expand your territory—business beyond the walls of your salon

With Simple Salon it means that your business is not confined to the walls of salon. Your business can walk the streets of your city, pump iron at the gym, do pilates in the park, and wine & dine with friends on Saturday evening. How is this possible? Well, with Simple Salon everywhere your staff go, your business can go too.

Simple Salon can be as flexible as your staff are. While your staff are out and about on their days off exercising, socialising, and running errands, wherever they are they can whip out their smartphones to book in their friends, or even those they’ve just met, for new appointments.

The mobile convenience of Simple Salon means that your business can spread further and wider than your salon walls. While your staff are motivated by commissions and incentives, it is in their interest to make appointments for themselves while they’re out being socialites.

Your staff will login on their smartphones with a staff role, which means that they can only access the areas of your Simple Salon which they require for checking their appointment diary, creating new clients, looking up existing ones, and making appointments.

Are you ready to expand your territory and take your business beyond the walls of your salon? If so, click here to see how you and your staff can have Simple Salon at hand anytime, anywhere, on your smartphones.

View from the top: a powerful vantage point

Climbing to the highest point and looking out on the valley down below expands one’s vision of the big picture. The result—a larger, more powerful perspective.

Think of your business like a mountain, and your Simple Salon Benchmarking as your lookout. Your Simple Salon Benchmarking is the platform positioned at one of the highest peeks in your business to give you a view from the top—your powerful vantage point.

The Simple Salon Benchmarking shows you where you stand in comparison to other salons. There’s nothing quite like a spot of healthy competition to keep your business on its toes. Your salon’s performance is measured against other salons to help you set realistic performance expectations and identify areas of opportunity.

Benchmarking gives you a powerful perspective. You already have a good feel for how your business in going, but benchmarking will give you the facts to confirm these assumptions. It is the facts and numbers which will propel you to action.

If you see that your business is under performing, no worries. When you use the powerful Simple Salon Marketing, it won’t stay that way—it just means that you have incredible potential at your finger tips. Soon your business will be batting way above the average.

Click here to gain a larger perspective of your business performance, and use the analysis to power it to the next level.

Feature Update: Easily redeem multiple package items in one go.

Simple Salon are always working on the development of innovative features, and we are excited to announce the release of a new one.

This new feature comes in the form of added improvements to the Salon Packages feature. The Simple Salon Salon Packages functionality allows you to bundle together multiple services and/or products for your clients to purchase as a pre-paid package. The pre-paid package items wait in a pending state in the client’s Client Card for when they are ready to redeem their pre-paid products, or book in for their pre-paid services.

Simple Salon has added in the ability for your clients to redeem multiple package items in one go. This functionality is applied to the pre-paid products, which are a part of the package.

This feature is particularly useful for salon packages such as a Botox Package, where the client purchases a package which includes a large quantity of Botox units. Each time the client books in for a Botox service, they need to be able to redeem a multiple number of Botox units. The Botox units are the pre-paid products in the package, which are used during their appointment.

Multiple package items can be redeemed by going to the client’s Client Card, and in the Products section clicking Collect next to the product they wish to redeem. On the right side panel, you can enter in the number of products the client is redeeming at this time.

Click here to start making the most of this innovative new feature.

Multi-Client Appointments

Simple Salon has a cool feature designed to manage your multi-client appointments.

The multi-client appointment feature allows you to create a service, which you can book multiple clients into at the same time. An example of a multi-client appointment is a Bridal Party, in which case you have the bride and all of her bridesmaids booked in at the same time to get their hair and make up done for the big day.

With the multi-client appointment feature, you make one booking and simply add all of the clients to that one appointment. In the lead up to the appointment, each client can reply ‘Yes’ to their SMS Reminder, which in turn flags each client as Confirmed. On the day of the multi-client appointment, as each client arrives, they can be flagged individually as Arrived.

Each client listed on the multi-client appointment is linked to their individual client card. Therefore, client specific visit notes can be made against each client if needs be. Also, if the multi-client appointment requires individual payment from each client, you can simply add each one to POS from the appointment for them to pay separately.

Click here to start using the multi-client appointment feature, you’ll be glad you did!

Have every minute of your salon day managed.

Simple Salon is designed to manage your salons’ trading hours, operators’ rostered on and off times, holidays, sick leave, scheduled meetings, lunch breaks and everything in between.

A fair assumption is that you probably don’t open and close at the same time everyday during the week right? Right. Therefore, you need your appointment book columns to reflect the hours when your salon is open and closed. With Simple Salon, this is simple to do.

How about your operators? They too work varying hours, which also need to be reflected in your appointment page. Again, Simple Salon makes this simple.

Oh, and how about flexible lunch breaks and those miscellaneous type tasks like rep meetings and cleaning. Your Simple Salon appointment book manages these too, but in a special way so that they can be moved around to different times if needs be, much like a regular appointment. You guessed it, with Simple Salon this really is very simple.

Let’s break it down. When it comes to your salon hours, operator hours, holidays and sick leave—The Simple Salon Roster is where you schedule these items.

When it comes to lunch breaks, rep meetings, cleaning sessions and any of those other miscellaneous type tasks—Your Simple Salon Tasks feature is where it’s at.

Click here to learn everything you need to know about setting up your Roster so that it does all the thinking for you, and click here to learn how to setup your Tasks.

With these features combined, you’ll have every minute of your salon day managed.

What’s Your Operators’ Forte?

If your salon has specialised colourists, stylists or beauticians, then you will find this feature very handy. Simple Salon allows you to setup your operators to only perform certain services. This means that if you have specifically trained colourists, stylists or beauticians, you can assign them specific services to ensure that the system will only allow those services to be booked with them.

Setting up your operators based on their forte can be beneficial for your business—colourists to perform colours, stylists to perform styles and cuts, beauticians to perform facials and waxes. By allowing your operators to become experts in their field your salon will become known for exceptionally talented creatives.

This feature also extends to your Online Bookings. This means that when clients book online, only colour services can be booked with colourists, styling services with stylists, and beauty services with the beauticians. When a client books online and they pick a colour service, they will only be offered the operators who are colourists, along with the dates and times when that particular operator is available.

Click here to setup your operators and services according to your operators’ forte.

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