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Build the Dashboard of your dreams

Using ADLA, you can connect to powerful analytics software such as Tableau or Power BI. Build the reports you want so that at a click of a button you can view your desired key performance indicators. Go on, build the report dashboard of your dreams.

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With 30 DAYS FREE, there is absolutely no risk to start using Simple Salon. BE FREE to play and explore until your heart’s content. The new 30 DAY FREE TRIAL is here. Just another thing we’re doing because you asked for it.

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A report that gets you more rebookings

The Simple Salon Client Retention Report allows you to effectively keep an eye on which of your clients are rebooking and those who aren’t. It gives you the opportunity to increase your client retention by sending SMS and email marketing campaigns to clients who haven’t rebooked.

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Yay, Afterpay is here!

Your clients are using Afterpay everywhere else and now they can use it with you too. All you need is a Simple Salon account and an Afterpay account and away you go. The convenience of Afterpay for your clients means more sales for you.

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Woohoo, Afterpay’s nearly here! Coming in April.

Your clients are using Afterpay everywhere else and soon they’ll be able to use it with your salon too. Get a head start by becoming an Afterpay merchant today so that when we release the Afterpay feature in April you’ll be ready to go. The convenience of Afterpay for your clients will mean more sales for you.

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No More Unwanted Appointment Gaps

Fill unwanted appointment gaps in 4 simple steps The Simple Salon 1-Touch Marketing has 9 different automatic message types. One of them is the Re-book Reminder—turn it on. The SMS and email Re-Book Reminder can be set to send any number of weeks after your clients'...

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