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If you’re still not using SMS, this one’s for you

Now, let’s get down to it, how come you’re still not using SMS? How do you make sure that your clients come in, or maybe some of them don’t come in? Well, you can’t be having that. SMS is the way forward for you, and here’s why:

| enough with the cancellations already |

It must be hard keeping up with all your clients if you’re not texting them, and by texting them we mean having your system send appointment reminders for you automatically. A client books their appointment with you, but if they’re not reminded a day or two before, how can you guarantee that they’ll be there? Perhaps you’re still calling them all? Put your time to better use and leave it up to Simple Salon to make sure that you don’t have empty seats.

| confirmation convenience |

While you’re busy getting your creative on balayaging, hair contouring, sombré-ing (yeah we know all about the subtle ombré), your automatic SMS reminders have already been sent to your clients who are coming in tomorrow. On top of that, these clients have also texted back with the word Yes confirming that they’ll be there, automatically putting the letter C on their appointments to show you that they’ve confirmed. You didn’t have to do a thing, and your seats are filled.

| only 9 cents per SMS |

That’s less than what you pay when you send an SMS from your phone. Outside of the salon you’re texting all the time, so why not apply that same convenience to your business? Exactly, there is no reason why you wouldn’t.

SMS really is the way forward for you, so if you’re not already onto it, click here to turn your SMS on.

If you still haven’t got Simple Salon, you need that first, so click here to get started today.

New Feature—manage your time better with the new Simple Rostering

Get ready to change the way you manage your salon and operator hours with the release of the Simple Rostering feature update. In just a few very simple steps you’ll have your salon opening hours in place, and your operators working hours set.

Your rostering is now separated into Simple Rostering (the new way) and Advanced Rostering (the old way)—you can pick. The Simple Rostering has our vote for the most seamless way of managing your hours, the Advanced Rostering becomes more involved with extras things like roster types and roster rates, therefore unless you’re into that, the Simple Rostering is for you.

If you are already using Simple Salon, to start making the most of this hot off the press feature, you’ll need to head over to your Roster Settings (in Settings) and un-tick Enable Advanced Rostering.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go. Go to your Appointment Settings (in Settings) and simply set your salon opening hours. Choose the days you’re closed, the hours you’re open, and you’re done—your Appointment book will reflect your opening hours. As for your staff, pop over to your Roster, click an operator name and set their working hours, done. Your Simple Rostering also sorts out your Online Booking site, as your salon and operator hours are reflected there too.

Click here to see the new Simple Rostering in action.

If you’re not yet managing your salon with Simple Salon, click here to get going today.

Accounting for products used during clients’ appointments

There are a few ways you can account for the products you use during your clients’ appointments. You can process the usage under Salon Use, create Salon Packages to bundle together services + products, or simply add the client to POS when they pay for their service(s) and add the products to the sale also. It all depends on whether you want the products accounted for under the client (as a part of their history), or if it’s more about just tracking the use of the professional products, so that the product quantities adjust correctly.

Salon Use—this is the feature specifically designed to track the use of professional products. All of the products that you use during a clients appointment (makeup, treatments, botox) can be counted in your Simple Salon system. Once a day, or week (whatever your preference) simply open up POS and click the Salon Use button. Add to POS all of the products used and click Save Sale, the quantities will be deducted. Click here to see Salon Use in action.

Salon Packages—bundle together a bunch of items (service + products), then sell it as a package to account for the service(s) the client wants to book in for, and the products which are used during their appointment. After you add the client to POS and sell them their package, you can Lock In their pre-paid appointment via the Packages section in their client card. From the Products section simply Collect the products after they have come in for their booking, and the quantities will be adjusted. Click here to see how you can setup and use your own Salon Packages.

Adding products to POS—you can also account for the products used during the clients appointment on the fly. Add the client to POS, along with their service(s), simply click Add Items, and choose Products to pick the specific products from the right side panel. Add them all to the clients sale, and Receive Payment. Now, you might decide to make these products have a Retail Price of $0, that’s if the client isn’t actually paying for them specifically, but rather it’s about making a record of the products used in the clients client card. Click here to see how to add products to a clients sale in POS.

Have a go at all three ways of accounting for the use of products and pick which one suits you and your staff best. The Salon Use feature is how your Simple Salon has been designed to track professional use products, but we’ve highlighted a couple of extra ways for your convenience.

If you haven’t got Simple Salon yet, it’s time to venture out into new business territory.

Click here to get started today.

External Marketing + Internal Marketing—AdWords + Simple Salon

External marketing—Local newspapers, magazines… you have options when it comes to advertising your salon. These more traditional advertising methods have their place, they too have their limits. How can you know how many people see or read your ad? Are they the right audience? With printed advertising it’s difficult to manage the timing of your ad, and it’s hard to control who the audience is.

Online advertising with AdWords is not limited in these kinds of ways—you can fine tune your audience, pick the best times to have your ad displayed, and measure the success of your campaign. AdWords allows you to get your ad in front of the right people at the right time by leveraging off the words people use to search, making your business come up when they’re actually looking. When you use AdWords, you can set it so that your ad is out there during peak times. Furthermore, you can see how many people engaged, as it records for you the number of views and clicks.

When it comes to paying for your AdWords, you pay per click, so you don’t need to consider whether the advertising that you are paying for is being wasted, you’re only spending when someone has seen it. How it works—when a person searches google for something (i.e. salons in *insert your area*), they are met with two types of results—paid and organic. Paid results are the ads they see as a result of Adwords, and organic results are unpaid links with content related to what they searched for. So you simply choose the words, which people will use to search for, and when those words are used your business comes up in the search results.

Internal marketing—your Simple Salon Marketing page is the go-to for advertising to your client database. From looking up all of your clients, to seeing only those who haven’t been in for some time, your Marketing page tracks it all. Send any client group an email (for free) or an SMS (for only 9 cents) with a tailored message to get them coming back. When you target market to your existing clients you increase your profitability and further encourage their commitment to you.

With an external marketing platform like AdWords, plus your Simple Salon, you’ve got power behind your advertising.

If you haven’t yet got Simple Salon, click here to get started today.

Remote access—business from anywhere

As the salon owner, wherever you are you can take out your phone or tablet to check the salons progress in Simple Salon—see how busy it is, make new appointments, update existing ones, check up on how your operators are performing, see figures in real time, view your reports, do some SMS and email marketing… everything and anything.

With a basic level of access your staff can also log in outside of the salon, allowing them to make new appointments, check their schedule, or plan their days… anywhere, anytime. By allowing your staff remote access, your appointment book can be filling up outside of work hours. They can be down the street, out with their friends, and still making appointments anytime the opportunity arises.

If you’d prefer for your staff to only have access in the salon, no problem. Simple Salon allows you to implement an extra level of security, called the Global Lock Out. When it’s turned on you can control which computers and devices your staff can access Simple Salon on. All you do is turn on the feature, which locks all computers and devices, then individually unlock the computers and devices, which your staff do need to use Simple Salon on.

Click here to learn more about your Global Lock Out.

Otherwise, if you find yourself still restricted to the four walls of your salon, it’s time to get out more—click here to get Simple Salon today.

Not just on trend, but ahead of the game

Being ahead of the game keeps you on trend, but also ahead of it so you’re prepared for the next thing—even before it hits the industry you’re on it. This week I have for you 3 super fresh, hot off the press industry techniques to give your salon some edge.

Industry Technique #1 – Hair Contouring—this revolutionary application is all about simulating real life depth in the hair using light and shade to enhance the natural contour of the face. The technique requires precision free hand application of dark, medium and light tones from across the spectrum. Each face shape (round, oval, diamond) and skin tone (warm, cool, olive) requires careful consideration to perfect the complementary hair color palette and highlight/lowlight placement. When a tailored balance of highlights and lowlights are applied to the hair around the face, the natural contours, curves and skin tones of the face are emphasised.

Industry Technique #2 – Face Illumination—while contouring the face is still the done thing for many makeup artists, those who are ahead of the game have moved on—now it’s all about highlighting and illuminating only. This technique leaves the whole shadow thing to figure itself out naturally, as it’s no longer about creating depth with darkness, but rather lighting up the high peaks to simulate the look of natural light hitting the face, in turn revealing the natural shape.

Industry Technique #3 – Device Game Strongbeing ahead of the game will have you thinking about styling, trends and techniques, but that will only get you so far. Running a successful salon is more than just glamour, you have to think business as well—business trends, business techniques and business technology. Here’s the business technology low down—it’s all about the flexibility and mobility of smartphones and tablets. When your device game is strong, it means that you have multiple points of access to your business. The more points of access you have to your business, the more control you have. The missing link now is your device compatible software solution. Simple Salon, accessible on any computer or device, is and has always been well and truly ahead of the business game. It’s your software solution engineered to manage and power your business—appointments, POS, reporting, figures, profitability, online bookings, SMS & email marketing, operator KPI’s… and accessible on any computer, any device, anywhere, anytime—limitless points of access.

Don’t just settle for on trend, get ahead of it—click here to get Simple Salon today.

Anywhere, anytime with our Add Ons—powerful extensions for incredible functionality

This week we’re featuring our super cool add-ons—Xero, Campaign MonitorMailChimp and Stripe. Our add-ons are powerful extensions to the already incredible functionality within Simple Salon. Our integration with these programs gives you simple, but powerful, ways to keep your business on top… anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to the shoe box of receipts“—Xero is your go-to in accounting software, and just like Simple Salon, it’s online—they’re a perfect match. Your sales figures are sent automatically from your Simple Salon account into your Xero account at the end of each day when you run your End Of Day session. You know how you can jump on your phone or tablet anywhere to touch base with your Simple Salon, well you can do the same with your Xero—see your data, figures, and real time results anywhere, anytime. Your accountant can also login to your Xero to provide you with valuable advice any moment you need it. Get yourself a Xero account, then click here to see how you can connect it to your Simple Salon.

Elegantly simple email marketing“—you can create and send emails directly from Simple Salon, but the integration between Simple Salon and Campaign Monitor enables you to take it up a notch and swiftly build and design incredibly attractive email campaigns. Send them to your clients, and measure the success of your campaigns with comprehensive reporting—see where in the world your emails are opened, how many are opened, and how many clicks the campaign had. Get on board with Campaign Monitor, then click here to see how you can integrate it with your Simple Salon account.

Send better email“—MailChimp is another email marketing platform, which connects to your Simple Salon. It works the same way as Campaign Monitor—with one click you can export your client list from Simple Salon into MailChimp, from there create and send visually impacting email marketing campaigns, then track your campaign results to fine tune your marketing techniques. If MailChimp is more your thing, get yourself an account, then click here to connect it to your Simple Salon.

Payment infrastructure for the internet“—connect with Stripe and your clients can pay you anywhere, anytime, and from any device (yep, we do like our anywhere, anytime… it’s all about the remote control of your business). Take credit card payments directly from your Simple Salon POS page, as well as via your Online Bookings site when clients book online. Sign up for Stripe, then click here to see how you can connect your Simple Salon account to your Stripe account so that you can start getting paid anywhere.

If you find yourself wanting any of the above, click here to get Simple Salon first, then simply add on the rest.

Keeping Your Clients—The Client Retention Report (Part Two)

This week we are continuing the Keeping Your Clients two-part series. Last week we learnt that it costs around 5 times more to attract a new client, than it does to keep an existing one. Already reason enough to get stuck into your Simple Salon Client Retention Report to increase your rebookings. If you missed part one, click here to catch up.

This week we’re taking a look at another powerful reason for why it’s important to leverage your current client database.

Little effort, big results—a slight increase in your client retention (they say as little as 2%) returns to you the same results as a 10 % decrease in your overheads.

Your Client Retention Report is the catalyst for the increase we’re talking about—it lists your clients who haven’t rebooked (within 24 hours, within your Target Rebook Period, outside of your Target Rebook Period, with any operator, with the same operator…) positioning you for result-generating targeted marketing. From the report, send your filtered client list an SMS or email encouraging them to come back, in turn increasing your profitability, as well as further solidifying their commitment to you.

Compare the simplicity of that process to the convoluted task of figuring out how to bring your salon costs down—being that there are so many variables to consider when it comes to overheads, I’d prefer to click a few buttons in my Simple Salon account and be done with it. There’s more work involved in bringing down your salon costs, than there is to use Simple Salon to increase your client retention.

Let’s improve your salon’s current client retention situation. Click here to learn how you can use your Client Retention Report to do so.

If you don’t have a Client Retention Report, it’s because you don’t have Simple Salon. Click here to get started today.

Keeping your clients—The Client Retention Report (Part One)

Before we get stuck into it, it’s time you and I became further acquainted. Since we’re on the topic of retention, I feel it relevant to reveal a little about myself (your author). Whilst settling into writing about client retention, my mind went wandering to thoughts about how I get a real kick out of knowing stuff—I love to retain knowledge. As your writer, this is precisely my role—to read, acquire, learn, and retain oodles of information; then filter it, refine it, and present you with useful, practical knowledge, which you can use to bring about fruitful results in your business.

With that said, this week I present you with one of two powerful tips that represent the crème de la crème of the information out there about the power of client retention. Our two part series will continue next week when we take a look at the second tip.

You’ll have the means to implement this weeks tip right away using your Simple Salon Client Retention Report—with it you can understand and improve your salon’s current client retention situation.

Out with the old, in with the new (ah no, that doesn’t apply here)—it costs up to 5 (some sources say 6 to 7) times more money to get a new client, than it does to keep one you’ve already got. Relate this to your own salon experiences, can you think of times when it was easier to keep an existing client than it was to gain a new one?

The way you serve your clients will play a major role in retaining them. Customer service doesn’t cost you much (if anything at all), but it’s in the details—their favourite coffee on arrival, your genuine consideration for why they’ve come to you (a one size fits all mentality won’t work as the way it worked for one person might not be the same for the next, keep reinventing the way you serve), an SMS following their appointment to ask how they’re loving their new look, or from your Client Retention Report a personalised email to those who haven’t rebooked… personal touches like these keep them coming back, and all you paid for was a coffee and text message. Compare this to the marketing costs associated with gaining new clients—SMS and email marketing, boosted social media posts, Google AdWords… already reason enough to capitalise on your current client database.

Let’s get to it. Click here to understand and improve your salon’s current client retention situation with your Client Retention Report. Tune in next week to get tip number two.

Click here to get Simple Salon today.

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