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How to write a marketing email—one that gets opened

There’s a plethora of marketing talk out there that one is required to make sense of when trying to learn how to write a successful email to your clients. Gibberish like this “…email produces a ROI for 70% of B2C only marketers”. Say what? Are they talking about a robot from Star Wars? So, I’ve done some translating for you, and put it in plain ol’ English to teach you how to write an email—one that gets noticed, one that clients want to read, and let’s just cut to the chase, one that makes you money.

When it comes to email marketing this is what you’re going for—clients to open your emails, and then click something once they’re in there. It’s as simple as that right? So, how many clients should we expect to do this? According to Mail Chimps extensive real data-based results, the Beauty & Personal Care industry (that’s you guys) should expect to have a 19% open rate, and a 2% click rate. What this means is that 19% of your client recipients will open the email, and then 2% of those people will actually click something in the email (like a “Book Online” link). Doesn’t seem like much does it? However, it is. This 2% makes a big difference to your bottom line—2% of 1,000 clients is 20. To potentially have an extra 20 clients come in one month is a big deal. Therefore, let’s make it count.

Subject lines—when it comes to subject lines, boring works best. If you’re anything like me you’d go for a really creative, clever subject line to grab your audiences attention, but statistics show that this tactic doesn’t work very well, boring is actually better. By boring I mean something like “[Company Name] Newsletter – February 2016“, oppose to something witty like “A Cut Above The Rest!“. Your subject line should be just that, a line that simply describes the subject of your email. The reason for this is that boring is considered to be a soft sell, it’s not an obvious attempt to get your clients to buy something. A hard sell, which is often how a creative, clever, super witty subject line comes across as, has the tendency to deter clients, they see right through it.

Call to action—if 2% of your clients are expected to click something in your email, what is that something? Make that click count. The click should be a call to action, a click that brings you results. A “Book Online button in the body of your email means that the client doesn’t even need to go to your site, it’s one simple click and they find themselves on your Online Booking login page. If they’re a new client they click Sign Up, if they’re an existing client they click Sign In.

Get past spam filters—spam filters are like overexcited security guards. They stand in the way of your client’s inbox scanning your emails for “spammy” looking words, phrases and characters. Mr Spam Filter gives you a point for every spammy thing he finds in your email, and these are not the kind of points you want. Once you get a few points, off to the spam folder your email goes. To give your emails the best chance of not ending up in your clients spam folder, or lost in cyberspace, you need to take note of the following. Avoid using spammy words and phrases like money back guaranteed, low prices, or 10% off. Stay clear of using ALL CAPS, like BUY NOW, CLICK HERE! or FREE! Just looking at those shouting words puts me on edge. And another, enough of the double and triple exclamation points!!! In my personal opinion, I’d say drop the exclamation points altogether, they’re rarely required and they add a sense of unnecessary urgency.

Minimise Abuse Complaints—you might not know what these are, or that they exist, but this is important to understand. Abuse complaints occur when your client hits the ‘This is spam’ link in response to your email. You don’t want them doing this, because it’s like getting a strike against your name. If you get too many strikes, your business will stop being allowed to send marketing emails. This often happens when the recipient forgets who you are. To avoid this from happening ensure that your “From” and “Subject” lines contain your company name (remember our boring subject line, it had the company name in it), you want your subscribers to recognise you right away. In your industry you are constantly gaining new clients, so make sure that you are in the habit of asking your clients for permission to send them promotional emails. Simple Salon has tick boxes in each client profile allowing you to enable/disable clients for Email Promotions. That way your client list is always accurately reflecting those who want to receive email promotions from you, which in turn means less potential for a three strikes and your out kind of situation. A final point is to ensure that your marketing email looks professional and that the content is relevant. Put some effort into it—go for excellence.

So, if your email doesn’t contain anything spammy, then it has a greater chance of making it into your clients inbox. Once there, due to the boring subject line, your client is more likely to open the email, and since it looks completely pro, they start reading. The relevant nature of the content has them clicking the “Book Online” link in the body of the email. You’ve got them hook, line and sinker now. Cha-ching, they make their appointment.

An email that delivers results (and that right there folks is your ROI for your B2C email marketing—your Return On Investment for your Business To Consumer email marketing).

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New Feature! …and it’s not a bug fix or performance update

I like it when I tap my App Store icon and am greeted with the little red circle with the little white number waiting patiently on my Updates button (iPhone people, you know what I’m talking about)Before I succumb to the alluring invitation to, in one fell swoop, Update All, I do a quick scroll down the list to see which of my apps are about to become better than they were before… okay, I’ve seen enough, Update All. The circles start going around and while they do their thing I need to occupy myself to avoid the growing suspense… What new features will I have? Maybe a new photo filter. Oh those bug fixes, they are life changing. Even better, an inconceivably unnoticeable performance improvement.

We all do like an update (even though I can’t help but regard these performance improvement “updates” somewhat as a placebo that capitalises on our excitement for an update).

Anyway, point is, we have an update for you, a real one—you can now add an already booked pre-paid service back to the package. Wait, what? Okay, scenario please—your client has purchased a Salon Package, which includes a bunch of pre-paid items (services and/or products). Your client proceeds to book in one of their pending pre-paid services for a future date. At some point your client comes back, or calls you up, to say they need to reschedule. If they know where they want to reschedule their pre-paid appointment to, just move it to the new date. However, if the client doesn’t know where they want to reschedule the appointment to… (drum roll for the update)… you can now click the clients name on their appointment and Add Back To Package. The pre-paid service goes back to the PACKAGES section of the clients client card and waits in a pending state until it is ready to be booked in again at a later date.

…and a side note, Simple Salon is cool because you don’t even have the little red circle with the little white number thing telling you to update your system, it does it automatically—Simple Salon – 1, iPhone – 0.

Click here to learn how to use your new and improved Salon Packages feature. Click here to get Simple Salon.

Set in motion something new

With January comes refreshing feelings and new vision. Energising motivation, fresh initiative, and idea-provoking inspiration seem to flow more freely at this time of year. Let’s capitilise on your extra boost of motivation and set in motion a few of your untouched Simple Salon features to bring about brand new business growth.

Simple Salon is precisely engineered to generate you more profit and expand your business, so when you use Simple Salon to its maximum potential, your business naturally thrives. Let’s harness some of this fresh motivation and spend a few moments going through your Simple Salon features, turning on the ones which you haven’t yet used.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Don’t find yourself with empty seats this year, due to your clients forgetting their appointments. Turn on either one or two rounds of automatic Appointment Reminders. Your clients will automatically be sent their SMS or email reminder a day or two before their appointment. With the added benefit of 2-Way Messaging, your clients can reply Yes to their SMS reminder, which will automatically display the letter C, for Confirmed, on their appointment.

Advanced Online Bookings

Enlarge the window of opportunity your clients have to make appointments by turning on your Advanced Online Bookings. While you’re at work, and even better, while you’re not, your appointment book can keep filling up—24/7. Your existing clients, and new clients, can jump online via your website and book themselves in. Setup your salon and staff hours to reflect your availability online. You can also enable Online Payments so that all online bookings are pre-paid in full via your online booking site.

Loyalty Points Program

This year set in motion a Loyalty Program to reward your clients with points. Clients can use their accumulated points to redeem services or swap for Gift Vouchers. Build a more solid business foundation this year by going for a more loyal client base.

1-Touch Marketing

Setup custom, personalised, automated messages, like a Welcome SMS for your first time clients. When you reach out to your clients, they notice. The best part is, all you have to do is turn this feature on and your Simple Salon does all the messaging for you. Build a stronger connection by engaging with your clients on a more personal level.


This year implement a monthly visit to your Marketing page, from where you can send custom SMSs and emails to your various client groups—clients who didn’t come in for any date range, clients who didn’t rebook, clients who don’t have any future appointments, the list goes on. Your Simple Salon Marketing is simply powerful. Become familiar with these marketing options, and start using them.

It’s time to mix it up—turn on something you haven’t used before and expect something new this year!

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Another present to unwrap! 2nd round appointment reminders

Greetings from all of us here at Simple Salon! We’re on a roll over here at Simple Salon and have for you yet another brand new innovative update for you to unwrap in time for Christmas—2nd round automatic appointment reminders.

We’ve enhanced your 1-Touch Marketing to include a 2nd round of automatic SMS & email appointment reminders—your clients have no chance of forgetting now.

Set your 1st Appointment Reminder to send a few day before your clients’ appointments, and set the 2nd Appointment Reminder to send a little closer to the appointment date, perhaps the day before. The 2nd round of appointment reminders is optional, therefore if you would like to keep it as one round of appointment reminders, you still have that option.

If you do have two rounds of automatic appointment reminders enabled and your clients reply Yes to the first round of reminders to confirm their appointment, then these clients won’t be sent the second round of appointment reminders, because they have already told you that they are coming in. For those clients who haven’t yet confirmed their appointment after the first round of reminders, they will be sent the second round of appointment reminders, to which they can reply Yes to, and the letter C, for Confirmed, will display on their appointment, notifying you that they are coming in.

Click here to unwrap your next early Christmas present!

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas!

Another early Christmas present for YOU! Arrived flag colour for paid appointments

As you’ve noticed, we’ve started giving out early Christmas presents—new features for YOU! Last week you enjoyed a new update designed to allow your staff users to SMS clients.

This week we’d like to give you another cool new update designed to make your appointment book even more streamline. We’ve updated your packages feature to allow for your grey pre-paid appointments to turn green when flagged as Arrived.

Previously, the appointments, which were a part of a pre-paid package, would display as grey on your Appointments page, and they would stay grey no matter what you did to them. However, now when you flag these grey appointments as Arrived, the grey will change to green, just like all the other appointments do. This means that at a glance you can see that your client has arrived, and that they’re ready to go.

Click here to unwrap your early Christmas present to make your Appointments page even more streamline in time for the busy festive season.

If you haven’t yet got Simple Salon, it’s time to treat yourself!

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Feature Release: Staff can now send individual SMS’s to clients

Based on an innovative idea we’ve received from you guys, we have implemented a cool new feature to give you, the salon owner, the ability to allow your staff users to send individual SMS’s to clients.

Up until now, only Salon Managers and Administrators have been able to text clients individually, however a few of you have been asking if your Staff can do so also. It’s a great idea, so we’ve made it possible for you.

You now have a setting to allow those who have Staff access login details to send individual SMS’s. Some of you might still like the idea of only Salon Managers and Administrators having access to this function, therefore you can continue as you are without enabling the new setting.

Perhaps you didn’t even know it was possible to send an individual SMS to a client. If you’re hearing about this function for the first time, well it’s time to start making the most of this feature. There are many scenarios that call for a quick personalised text to be sent to a client. Shoot them a text to tell them you’re running ahead of schedule to let them know they can come in earlier, or perhaps you’re running late, so send them a message letting them know to come in a tad later.

Click here to enable this cool new setting and start making your client interactions more personal.

The number one question we get asked

“How can I target those clients who haven’t been in for some time?”

What a great question to ask! If you’ve found yourself thinking about this, or maybe you’ve even asked us this question before, then you are tapping into some very powerful areas of opportunity for your business. When you know how to retain your clients, you increase your rebooking rate and your salon becomes more profitable.

We have created for you an efficient way to bring up a list of your clients who came in sometime ago, but haven’t been in since, nor do they have any future appointments. A few clicks will generate for you this client list, and from there you can send them all an SMS or email telling them that you miss them, and that you’d love to see them again. In this promotional SMS or email extend to them an offer for a free service, or Gift Voucher—give them an incentive to come back.

Click here to see how you can bring up a list of your clients who haven’t been in for awhile, and send them all an SMS or email. As a direct result of this specialised target marketing, you’ll have more clients coming through your salon doors in no time.

If you haven’t yet got Simple Salon, well what are you waiting for?

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All Moustaches Welcome—turn your salon into a Mo-Space this month

It’s bound to get a whole lot furrier in the salon this month now that Movember is upon us. Get your salon on the band wagon and capitalise on the viral momentum of this well established Men’s Health Campaign.

During the month of November, and particularly at the end, there will be lots of hairy men getting around in need of some serious grooming. Why not put it out there that your salon is armed and ready, clippers on hand, to take on these fuzzy faces. Get it out there with a promotional Movember email campaign, specifically targeted at your men.

If you are using your Simple Salon to record gender in the personal details section of your client cards, then you can send all of your males a Movember Email Promotion via the All Clients option in Marketing—use the Gender filter to get a list of your males. If you’re not recording gender, no problem, send the email campaign to All Clients, as there will be plenty mothers, wives, sisters and girlfriends out there who will receive your email and tell the boys in their lives about the alluring Movember Email Promotion you have waiting for them.

As to what kind of offer you’d like to extend to your boys, that is up to you. A free moustache groom with every hair cut is a good start, or perhaps the other way round—a free hair cut when they come to you to get that furry face of theirs groomed. 

Click here to send your Movember promotion today!

Client Discounts—personally connects you to your clients

Simple Salon has many ways to connect you to your clients. It’s one thing to connect, but it’s another to connect with them on a personal level. It’s the personal touch that keeps your clients coming back to you.

One of the ways to personally connect with your clients is via the Simple Salon Client Discount feature. This powerfully flexible feature allows you to create lots of different client discounts, each tailored and personalised to suit your client groups. All you need to do is create your Discount Types, create your various Client Categories, assign your clients to their categories, and then match up each Discount Type with each Client Category. The client discount will be automatically applied to the clients sale when you add them to POS.

Get creative with your client discounts. To get you started, we’ve come up with some ideas for effective client discounts. Don’t stop there though, as the possibilities for client discount types are endless.

For those older clients of yours, how about you setup a Senior Discount for them. Let’s say you’d like the senior discount to give them 10% off, and made available to them every day. You can do just this, as the Client Discount feature allows for regular, around the clock, client discounts.

How about your students? Let’s make them feel special as well. It’s exam time at the moment so perhaps you could encourage your students to come in for some rest and relaxation during this next potentially stressful month with a $20 off discount, just for them. Create a Student Discount for $20 off, which is only available during the month of November. The Client Discount feature allows you to set a ‘Limited Date Range’ for any of your discount types.

Another client group worth targeting are your mums and bubs. Create a Mums & Bubs Discount, which is only available on a certain day of the week. Pick a day of the week which is generally a more quiet one, and use this client discount to generate more business on this particular day each week. The Client Discount feature gives you an ‘Available On’ option in order for you to choose which day(s) of the week the discount can be redeemed. Therefore, if Tuesdays are a day which you’d like to see become a little busier, then create the Mums & Bubs Tuesday Discount for perhaps 20% off, to get more of your mums in on that day.

Take it a step further with your Simple Salon Marketing and send any of your client categories a promotional SMS or email to let them know about the client discount you have available just for them.

Click here to start using your Client Discount feature, and generate more business today.

Simple Salon builds you a strong loyal client base

Simple Salon allows you to implement a powerful Loyalty Program designed to reward your clients. The Simple Salon Loyalty Program helps you build a strong, reliable, loyal client base. An effective Loyalty Program will keep your clients coming back time after time to earn points, to then be rewarded for their loyalty.

Having a loyalty program entices new clients and encourages your existing clients. Potential clients have more reason to start seeing you, and your existing clients have something that they are working towards, which keeps them coming back.

Loyalty points can be applied to any sale item such as Services, Products, Gift Vouchers and Packages. Each time your clients purchase any of these items, which have points attached to them, the points are added to the clients loyalty points total.

Clients can accumulate points and then when they have reached a certain number of points they can use the points to redeem free services, which you have setup, or they can convert their points to a Gift Voucher of your choice.

Alternatively, you can use the Auto Loyalty Points setting to automatically apply points to all items in any of these categories (i.e. all services, all products, all vouchers, and/or all packages).

Click here to see how you can setup your very own Loyalty Points Program. The setup will take you through enabling clients for loyalty points, applying points to individual services, products, vouchers and packages, setting up your Auto Loyalty Points, redeeming services with points, and converting your clients’ loyalty points to Gift Vouchers.

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