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Have every minute of your salon day managed.

Simple Salon is designed to manage your salons’ trading hours, operators’ rostered on and off times, holidays, sick leave, scheduled meetings, lunch breaks and everything in between.

A fair assumption is that you probably don’t open and close at the same time everyday during the week right? Right. Therefore, you need your appointment book columns to reflect the hours when your salon is open and closed. With Simple Salon, this is simple to do.

How about your operators? They too work varying hours, which also need to be reflected in your appointment page. Again, Simple Salon makes this simple.

Oh, and how about flexible lunch breaks and those miscellaneous type tasks like rep meetings and cleaning. Your Simple Salon appointment book manages these too, but in a special way so that they can be moved around to different times if needs be, much like a regular appointment. You guessed it, with Simple Salon this really is very simple.

Let’s break it down. When it comes to your salon hours, operator hours, holidays and sick leave—The Simple Salon Roster is where you schedule these items.

When it comes to lunch breaks, rep meetings, cleaning sessions and any of those other miscellaneous type tasks—Your Simple Salon Tasks feature is where it’s at.

Click here to learn everything you need to know about setting up your Roster so that it does all the thinking for you, and click here to learn how to setup your Tasks.

With these features combined, you’ll have every minute of your salon day managed.

What’s Your Operators’ Forte?

If your salon has specialised colourists, stylists or beauticians, then you will find this feature very handy. Simple Salon allows you to setup your operators to only perform certain services. This means that if you have specifically trained colourists, stylists or beauticians, you can assign them specific services to ensure that the system will only allow those services to be booked with them.

Setting up your operators based on their forte can be beneficial for your business—colourists to perform colours, stylists to perform styles and cuts, beauticians to perform facials and waxes. By allowing your operators to become experts in their field your salon will become known for exceptionally talented creatives.

This feature also extends to your Online Bookings. This means that when clients book online, only colour services can be booked with colourists, styling services with stylists, and beauty services with the beauticians. When a client books online and they pick a colour service, they will only be offered the operators who are colourists, along with the dates and times when that particular operator is available.

Click here to setup your operators and services according to your operators’ forte.

Exclusive Xero Offers for Simple Salon Members

Xero Accounting has 2 amazing offers exclusively for Simple Salon members.

Offer 1: Get 6 months free of Xero

Simply sign up to a 30 day free trial of Xero. During this time, a Xero Small Business Specialist will contact you to help and answer any questions you have. If they decide that you would like to continue using, simply subscribe and receive your 6 months free. Click here to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Offer 2: Get 3 months free of Xero + MYOB Conversion

If you are currently using MYOB, and would like Xero to perform a MYOB conversion for you, go for this offer! You’ll be required to upload your MYOB file to Jet Convert, who will migrate the data within a couple of days. Click here to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Take advantage of these offers before the EOFY (End of financial year) and discover the benefits of combining Simple Salon and Xero.

* Offer only available to Australian customers. Offer ends 8th June 2015.

Master The Art of Client Retention

Well, you don’t actually have to master this art, Simple Salon already has for you. With all the hundreds of clients you see, it can become very difficult for you to keep an eye on who hasn’t rebooked—the good news is that Simple Salon keeps track of it all to ensure that you are maximising your client retention.

Simple Salon allows you to see at a glance who of your clients didn’t rebook. It doesn’t stop there though, another layer to this rebooking analysis is the ability to set a targeted timeframe, which shows you clients who didn’t rebook within a set number of weeks from their last appointment. Simple Salon calls this the Target Rebook Period.

How does the Target Rebook Period work? Let’s say that you set your Target Rebook Period to 8 weeks, which is generally the timeframe in which your clients should rebook within. Simple Salon Marketing allows you to select the ‘Clients Who Didn’t Rebook’ option and tick ‘Within Target Rebook Period’. This will show you all those clients who didn’t rebook within 8 weeks of the appointment they had between the date range you selected.

This kind of analysis means that you can target the clients who rebooked outside of the 8 weeks and encourage them to rebook more regularly—within your Target Rebook Period. The more regularly they are coming back to see you, the sooner it becomes their routine and the more your business benefits. You can SMS or email these clients an offer as an incentive to book within 8 weeks after their next appointment.

Click here to learn how to use your Target Rebook Period and start getting used to the idea of seeing your clients’ happy faces every few weeks.

Track your Salon Use products

Simple Salon is designed to record and track the usage of your professional products in the salon. This seamless process also extends to the re-ordering of the products you use professionally.

Simple Salon refers to these products as Salon Use. Salon Use products include professional colours, shampoos, conditioners and treatments—products which are used during your clients’ appointments.

Recording and tracking your Salon Use products starts with having a stock bin out back where you put all of your empty professional colour tubes and product containers. Once a week, or so, bring the stock bin up to the computer and add these used products to POS under Salon Use. Add them all, Save Sale, and the quantities will be deducted from your product levels.

This process ensures that your Simple Salon account accurately reflects your Salon Use product quantities at all times. When these product quantities drop below their Minimum Quantities, your Simple Salon knows to add these products to the order form the next time you generate an order for that particular supplier.

Click here to streamline your Salon Use process, and click here to learn how to reorder them.

Gift Vouchers—The New Marketers

A Gift Voucher makes for a great present, but have you thought about how Gift Vouchers also make for an effective marketing tool? Ponder that for a moment. When a client of yours purchases a voucher as a gift for a friend, they give their friend the present and they talk about how much they are going to enjoy it. That’s positive word of mouth, proven to be one of the most important and effective ways to generate more business.

Everyone wants to feel like they’ve bought their friend or family member a really good present, therefore giving a gift is inherently linked with a justification of why the receiver is going to love it. What happens is, your client hands their friend your Gift Voucher and proceeds to tell them all about how much they are going to enjoy being pampered, how wonderful your service is, and how your salon has the best stylists and beauticians in town. Before you know it, your client is marketing your business.

If you are actively showcasing your vouchers as gift ideas to your clients, your clients and your gift vouchers become your marketers. You hook your clients up with really convenient gift ideas, and your business benefits as the new clients come in to see you—it’s a win win.

Click here to initiate some fresh marketing strategies using your Gift Vouchers.


The Engine Behind The Scenes

Simple Salon is not only an efficient salon management tool, it is a very effective business building machine. Simple Salon is the engine behind the scenes powering away and generating you more business.

Simple Salon is built with countless effective marketing mechanisms within the design and functionality of the system. One of these powerful business generating tools is a feature called Client Categories.

The Simple Salon Client Categories feature is 100% customisable, which makes your marketing potential limitless. Create Client Categories to target your unique client groups, and assign your clients to their most suited categories.

Simple Salon will track and record your clients activity, interest and sales trends, so that you can use the Simple Salon Marketing to send your Client Categories promotional SMS messages and emails, which have been specifically tailored to suits their interests. Make your marketing more personal today.

Click here to turbocharge your business with the Simple Salon Client Categories feature.


Looking for a reason to get an Apple Watch?

apple-iphone-watch_demo Well, now you have a very good reason to get your hands on this brand spanking new technology, designed to give you ultra-convenient interactions and experiences!

Take a look at your next must-have for the salon. With the release of the Apple Watch, Simple Salon is ready and raring to go.

With Simple Salon on your Apple Watch you’ll be able to move around the salon and with a quick glance you’ll have on hand the details of your next appointment, the appointments you’ve got lined up for the rest of the day, client details & histories. Plus notifications to let you know that your next client has arrived.

Be one of the very first to experience this all-new technology and take your salon to the next level.

Stay tuned for more details!

Pick Up From Where You Left Off.

With each client who walks through your salon doors, make them feel extra special by picking up the conversation from where you left it last time they were in. The chats you have with your clients can flow from one appointment to the next. Don’t worry, no one expects you to remember every detail of all the conversations you’ve ever had with every single client—but Simple Salon can. Simple Salon is designed to do all the remembering for you.

When your client arrives let them know that their extra hot, double-shot, skinny, mocha-chocca latte is coming right up. You don’t actually remember that this is how they like their coffee, but you did check their client comments moments before they arrived, so you’re up to speed.

How about the details of their appointment? What was that complicated colour you did for them at their last appointment? Simple Salon has that covered too. Record colour history comments and visit notes on your clients appointments, and Simple Salon will keep track of it all. Your client’s history notes will pop up in various places in your Simple Salon account, making it easy for you to refer to the notes at your convenience.

Click here to record and track appointment specific visit notes, and click here to record and track your client comments.

With Simple Salon you’ll deliver exceptional service and never miss a detail again.

SMS from the same number every time.

As you know, Simple Salon is designed to send your clients SMS Reminders & Promotions. Would you like your Simple Salon to SMS your clients from the same number every time? Simple Salon allows you to have your very own Dedicated Number. This is the number which all of your SMS’s are sent from.

When you have a dedicated number your clients can save this number in their phone contacts as your salon. Then each time they receive a reminder or promotional SMS, it will come up under the contact they have saved you as.

Having a dedicated number is optional, and it’s no biggie if you decide not to get one. If you don’t have a dedicated number, it just means that your SMS’s are sent from a pool of numbers, which are selected randomly. If you do like the idea of all your SMS’s being sent from the same number, then go for it. Your dedicated number is to be set up via your SMS Central account. You will be charged an additional up front cost and a monthly fee to set it up. You will be able to view the different fees before deciding to purchase your dedicated number.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, click here to find out how you can set up your Dedicated Number.

Watch this space—more exciting tips & tricks to come next week.

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