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Start your free trial today (the first 14 days are on us)

Here’s to your
next chapter

Start your free trial today (the first 14 days are on us)

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How do I start using Simple Salon?

Easy. Choose whichever plan suits your needs, and the number of operators, then fill out the form on the left. We’ll set up your account and email you with your log-in details for your fresh, new Simple Salon account. Simple.

When will I be charged?

The first fortnight is on us—FREE for 14 days! After your trial period simply click UPGRADE in your account and enter your credit card information. Your card will be direct debited month or yearly based on your plan selection. You can cancel at any time.

Are there any limitations during my trial?

No. All plans are fully featured from the get-go. You get all the powerful features of Simple Salon regardless of which plan you choose.

What is the cost of transferring data?

Zero. Nada. Nothing. During your trial period, we’ll help you get your old data into your new Simple Salon account for free. After the trial period you can upload any data you wish yourself or if you prefer we can upload it for you for $99 per file or $399 for a full data import. Just shoot us an email to arrange it anytime. Sweet.