The idea is to start with one salon, one location, work on it until you get the formula right, then replicate it. Of course, if you’re happy with one location, stick with one and do it with excellence. However, maybe you’ve been thinking about how you’d like to get another location… and then another, over time of course as Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perhaps you’re well and truly on your way to building your empire with multiple locations, already up your sleeves.

If you currently have more than one locations, this is for you. If you have one and you’re planning to get another, then you’ll need this when the time comes, and in the meantime, it serves as a motivator to get you thinking about that next location. Simple Salon has engineered a powerful tool designed to manage your salon empire, big or small. The Simple Salon Dome is your multi-site solution.

The Simple Salon Dome is the headquarters up top, connecting each of the location accounts together. As the name suggests, it acts as a Dome, encompassing all of your salon location accounts and managing them from a top-level. Each of your salon locations has their own Simple Salon account and the Dome is the umbrella over them all—allowing you to manage, report, and market across all locations. Each location account operates independently from the other locations, therefore you can still manage, report and market from a salon level.

The Dome allows you to replicate your formula by giving you the ability to have the same services, products, packages, vouchers etc in each location—think Maccas, it’s the same all over the world. Although, if you want your beauty salon to be different, you can still do that too.

Furthermore, the Dome grants you the ability to share clients. You can bring up the same client profile in each location and simply pick up from where you left off with them last time they visited any one of your locations. Learn how to make your salon more productive.

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If you have one salon and don’t require the Dome, click here to get started with a regular Simple Salon account.

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