With January comes refreshing feelings and new vision. Energising motivation, fresh initiative, and idea-provoking inspiration seem to flow more freely at this time of year. Let’s capitilise on your extra boost of motivation and set in motion a few of your untouched Simple Salon features to bring about brand new business growth.

Simple Salon is precisely engineered to generate you more profit and expand your business, so when you use Simple Salon to its maximum potential, your business naturally thrives. Let’s harness some of this fresh motivation and spend a few moments going through your Simple Salon features, turning on the ones which you haven’t yet used.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Don’t find yourself with empty seats this year, due to your clients forgetting their appointments. Turn on either one or two rounds of automatic Appointment Reminders. Your clients will automatically be sent their SMS or email reminder a day or two before their appointment. With the added benefit of 2-Way Messaging, your clients can reply Yes to their SMS reminder, which will automatically display the letter C, for Confirmed, on their appointment.

Loyalty Points Program

This year set in motion a Loyalty Program to reward your clients with points. Clients can use their accumulated points to redeem services or swap for Gift Vouchers. Build a more solid business foundation this year by going for a more loyal client base.

1-Touch Marketing

Setup custom, personalised, automated messages, like a Welcome SMS for your first-time clients. When you reach out to your clients, they notice. The best part is, all you have to do is turn this feature on and your Simple Salon does all the messaging for you. Build a stronger connection by engaging with your clients on a more personal level.


This year implement a monthly visit to your Marketing page, from where you can send custom SMSs and emails to your various client groups—clients who didn’t come in for any date range, clients who didn’t rebook, clients who don’t have any future appointments, the list goes on. Your Simple Salon Marketing is simply powerful. Become familiar with these marketing options, and start using them.

It’s time to mix it up—turn on something you haven’t used before and expect something new this year!

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