See how much your business is expected to make

Simple Salon not only reports on what you have made but also on what you’re expected to make. Using your Client Visit Report you can see your projected revenue figures for any future date range. How does Simple Salon do this? The calculation is based on the future appointments you have in your Appointments page for any future date range you select.

To see how much you’re currently expecting to make for any future date range, go to your Reporting page, then into your Report List and check out your Client Visit Report. Simply change the From and To dates to a future date range of your choice, tick Include Open and then click Go. There you have it, your total expected revenue.

See how much any specific operator is expected to make

You can take it a step further and see the projected revenue for any particular operator. Simply run the report as per the steps above, then use the Operator filter to pick the operator you’d like to report on. Click Go again to re-filter the report, in turn bringing up the total projected revenue figure for that specific operator.

Knowing how much your business is expected to make, based on the appointments you already have booked, indicates to you the degree of effort you and your staff need to make to get more bookings. Use the results of the report to motivate you to rebook more clients. Maybe it’s time to send out a promotional SMS or email to generate some more appointments.

If you haven’t got a way to see your projected revenue figures, that means you need Simple Salon.

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