Secure Bookings, Boost Profits: The Salon Owner’s Guide to Deposits

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Over the last few weeks, We’ve shown how salon online booking can boost your revenue. Also how Simple Salon not only addresses your concerns but also optimises your operations for increased profitability.

Today, we explore a pivotal aspect of online booking—Deposits.

Learn how this key feature can dramatically enhance your salon’s efficiency and profitability.

The Advantages of Taking Deposits

In the beauty industry, salon schedules can often be disrupted by unexpected no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

These aren’t just minor annoyances; they represent significant financial losses and disrupt your carefully planned schedule.

As a salon owner, these are situations you’d rather avoid. Implementing a deposit policy directly addresses this issue, reducing the likelihood of no-shows by up to 90%.

This significant reduction not only secures your income but also keeps your schedule running smoothly, allowing you to focus more on providing exceptional service rather than managing cancellations.

Yet, securing your schedule and income is just the beginning of the benefits:

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Guaranteed Revenue

Taking deposits offers a significant advantage: guaranteed income. With deposits, money is secured upfront, which helps you manage cancellations and no-shows more effectively. You can plan with greater certainty and make informed decisions for your salon.

Client Commitment

Deposits increase the likelihood that clients will keep their appointments. Through salon online booking, it’s observed that clients are less likely to cancel when they have paid in advance. By clearly outlining your cancellation policies at the time of booking, you establish trust. This approach also reduces the frequency of last-minute schedule changes.

Scheduling Efficiency

Implementing beauty salon appointment scheduling software that includes deposit requirements leads to more efficient planning. This is more than just theory; there is concrete evidence that deposits reduce no-shows. This improvement in scheduling enhances your team’s workday and results in happier customers who are more likely to return.


Implementing Deposits with Simple Salon

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Integrating a deposit system is crucial for any beauty business looking to minimise disruptions caused by no-shows and cancellations.

Simple Salon’s beauty salon appointment software is designed with user-friendly tools that simplify the setup and management of deposits, enhancing your service quality without complicating your operations.

Ease of Setup

Setting up deposits with Simple Salon is straightforward. A few clicks are all it takes to establish a deposit system that supports you continuously, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing assistance throughout your operation.

Customisable Deposit Options

Recognising that no two salons are the same, Simple Salon offers flexible deposit options. Whether you require a flat fee or a percentage of the service cost, you have the control to tailor the system to best fit your salon’s and clients’ needs.

You can choose from setting a 30% deposit to opting for clients to ‘Pay in Full’, depending on what works best for your business model.

Best Practices for Managing Deposits

Introducing deposit policies in hair salons is a smart way to protect our business. Using beauty software helps us communicate these changes effectively. It’s important to tell clients about the deposit requirement ahead of time. This ensures they understand how it benefits both them and our salon.

Salon stylist consulting with a seated client using a digital tablet, exemplifying effective communication strategies for managing salon deposits, reflecting the salon's commitment to customer service and the seamless use of beauty salon booking system software.

Communication Strategies

We must be clear when explaining our deposit system. Simple salon software can send out detailed messages explaining the benefits of deposits. By being open, we make clients feel part of the process. This builds trust and opens the door for any questions they might have.

Refund Policy

Having a clear refund policy is crucial. This approach not only protects our income but also reassures our clients. It helps avoid misunderstandings and improves customer service.

Seamless Integration

Ensuring that the deposit system integrates flawlessly with your existing salon software is crucial for maintaining operational harmony. With Simple Salon, this integration is not just easy—it’s a breeze. Our system is designed to sync smoothly with your current setup, allowing for an smooth integration into your daily routine.


The acronym 'FAQs' spelled out in wooden blocks on a notebook, ready to answer common queries related to salon online booking and salon appointment software, ensuring customer support and service clarity.

What are the benefits of using simple salon for deposit policies?

Using our hair salon programs for deposit policies boosts scheduling software efficiency. Deposits reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, raising salon revenue. This ensures better management of salon inventory. Integration with a salon CRM and POS system makes the process smoother.

How can implementing a deposit system affect client behaviour?

Introducing a deposit system changes how clients act. When they pay a deposit, they’re more likely to attend appointments. This reduces unplanned cancellations, making salon business more stable.

What kind of deposit requirements can salon reservation systems incorporate?

Salon systems can vary deposit requirements. Options include credit card holds, full prepayment, or partial deposits. This flexibility supports different business models, including online booking.

How can salons effectively communicate a new deposit policy to clients?

To share a new deposit policy, salons can use emails, signs, and website updates. Clarity ensures clients know the policy, keeping satisfaction high.

What should be included in a salon’s deposit refund policy?

A salon’s deposit policy must be clear. It should state when refunds are given or kept, like for no-shows. This clarity helps manage client expectations well.

How can salons ensure secure transactions when taking deposits online?

For secure online payments, simple salon uses Stripe, and industry leader in online payments and complies fully with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Find out more about stripe security by clicking here

Can deposits help manage salon scheduling more efficiently?

Yes, deposits through booking software help manage schedules better. They deter no-shows and encourage timely cancellations. This lets salons plan their resources more effectively.

Are there software options specifically catering to the Australian market?

Indeed, Simple Salon is a fully owned Australian Company for Australian salons. They offer local support and meet Australia’s rules. These systems are designed for the Aussie market.

How can I pass on transaction fees to customers online like we do instore?

You can easily add transaction fees to online bookings with Simple Salon by enabling this option with just a click. Customers expect to pay a small fee for the convenience of online bookings and are generally happy to do so.

I want to enable deposits, how can I do it?

If you are already a Simple Salon customer with online booking active, enabling deposits is straightforward. Just log in to your account, navigate to ‘Online’ and then ‘Admin’, and you’ll see options to require clients to either ‘Pay in Full’ or set a ‘Deposit Required 30%’. If you haven’t set up online booking yet, don’t worry, it’s simple. Get started here

I am not a Simple Salon customer, how can I try it?

We’re excited for you to discover everything Simple Salon has to offer! Click the button below for a 14-day free trial of the most user-friendly salon software on the market. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience firsthand how our system can enhance your salon’s operations and customer satisfaction.