Introducing Reserve with Google: A Game-Changer for Your Salon

Logo of 'Reserve with Google' displayed on a minimalist white background, featuring Google's signature colors in the word 'Google' to emphasize the integration with Google services for making reservations.

Have you thought about using Google to grow your customer base? Imagine turning every Google search into a chance for people to find your salon. With Simple Salon’s Reserve with Google, that idea is real. This new feature makes booking easy and brings in more clients. They can easily find and choose your salon.

In our fast-paced world, being quick matters. Simple Salon connects your salon to people looking for your services. With Reserve with Google, it’s immediate. No more lost chances. Your salon will be easy to find and book. This means more happy customers and more bookings for you.

A hair stylist engaging with a female client who is looking at her smartphone in a salon, showcasing the modern customer experience enabled by salon software.
  • Simple Salon’s Reserve with Google leverages search engine visibility to attract new clients directly to your salon.
  • This salon software innovation streamlines the salon online booking process, linking potential clients with available appointments effortlessly.
  • Adopting ‘Reserve with Google’ into your salon scheduling software toolkit extends your reach, making your salon a seamlessly discoverable option online.
  • Connectivity between Google searches and your salon’s services translates into a significant uptick in bookings and clientele growth.
  • The integration of Reserve with Google into Simple Salon refines your salon’s operational efficiency and enhances user experience.

Why Reserve with Google Will Boost Your Online Bookings

If you’ve been following our blog series, you already know how powerful it is to enable online bookings with deposits. This method helps you earn more and reduce no-shows. Now, Reserve with Google takes everything up a notch by making booking even easier.

Studies have shown that the more clicks people need to make to book something, the less likely they are to finish booking. Imagine if you could remove even one click. This could lead to a lot more completed bookings. This is where Simple Salon’s salon software and Reserve with Google really shine.

Simplified Booking Process

Here’s what a typical online booking process might look like:

  • Search Google for your salon.
  • Click on the search result.
  • Pick the location.
  • Click the ‘book online’ button.

But with Reserve with Google, this process is much shorter. When someone searches for your salon, it will show up right away in the corner of Google. They can just click the big blue ‘Book Online’ button and it takes them straight to Simple Salon’s online booking system. Once there, our industry-leading salon software helps them confirm their appointment quickly and easily.

A person's hand holding a smartphone, displaying a Reserve with Google booking page for Frank Provost Melbourne CBD, a salon using Simple Salon software. The screen shows various booking options, highlighting the convenience of scheduling salon appointments directly through Google.

Take the Next Step in Your Salon’s Evolution

Ready to revolutionise your salon’s booking system and increase your visibility on one of the world’s most powerful platforms? It’s time to activate ‘Reserve with Google’ within your Simple Salon setup. This feature is available at no additional cost on all of our plans, ensuring that every salon, regardless of size, can benefit.

Activate Now: If you’re ready to get started, click here to enable ‘Reserve with Google’ in your account settings. It’s quick, easy, and we’re here to help if you need assistance.

Need Guidance? If you’d like a walkthrough on setting this up, schedule a free call with our support team. We’re committed to ensuring you make the most out of your Simple Salon experience.

Not yet a Simple Salon customer? You can get started with our free trial in minutes and turn on this exciting new feature today.

Activate ‘Reserve with Google’ today and watch your business grow!