Encouraging client retention and increasing rebook rates is paramount for a successful and profitable salon.

A key part of client retention is exceptional customer service. It’s widely recognised (via salon feedback and surveys) that the reason most clients leave or do not return after their first appointment, is largely attributed to client satisfaction and customer service. It’s generally not higher prices that deter clients from rebooking. Most people are happy to pay for a quality service that produces a result that makes them feel special, pampered and looking their best.

So whilst you provide the customer with memorable salon experience, Simple Salon provides the client retention and marketing functionality that works hand in hand to effectively retain your clients and keep them on a regular appointment schedule.

Let’s take a look at the clients who have come in, but have not rebooked and who do not have any future appointments. We want to encourage them to rebook and entice them back to the salon for another pampering experience.

The Simple Salon Marketing function makes this really easy.

Simply click here to find out more, and see why Simple Salon is not only an essential business tool for the day to day running of your salon but also an amazing marketing machine!

This is the final instalment in our four-part series titled “Use Simple Salon to Grow Your Business”.

Stay tuned for more handy hints, updated features, and exciting developments!

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