Knowledge is power. Your growth potential increases when you are equipped with the facts about your business. The Simple Salon Dashboard and Benchmarking tracks and records performance facts so that you know exactly where your business stands. With this kind of knowledge, you can implement fresh strategies and set in motion some effective marketing to make your business more profitable.

Simple Salon positions you for success.

The Simple Salon Dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of how much your salon has made in real time for the current day, the current week/month, or the last week/month. By checking in with your Simple Salon Dashboard on a regular basis, you learn your sales trends and in turn become better at putting the analysis to good work. Simply take a quick look at how your salon performed this month in comparison to last month. Perhaps you sent out a promotional email at the beginning of this month and you want to measure the increase in sales revenue this month, compared to last month when there was no promotion. At a glance, measure how effective your marketing email was. Use the facts to better your marketing technique – what works and what doesn’t work. This is how you grow your business.

The Simple Salon Benchmarking shows you where you stand in comparison to other salons of your size. There’s nothing quite like a spot of healthy competition to keep your business on its toes. Your salon’s performance is measured against other salons to help you set realistic performance expectations and identify areas of opportunity. Benchmarking gives you a powerful perspective. You already have a good feel for how your business in going, but benchmarking will give you the facts to confirm these assumptions. It is the facts and numbers which will propel you to action. If you see that your business is underperforming, no worries. When you use the powerful Simple Salon Marketing it won’t stay that way – it just means that you have incredible potential at your fingertips. Soon your business will be batting way above the average.

Click here to learn how to use the Simple Salon Dashboard and click here to understand how to use the Simple Salon Benchmarking.

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