I like it when I tap my App Store icon and am greeted with the little red circle with the little white number waiting patiently on my Updates button (iPhone people, you know what I’m talking about)Before I succumb to the alluring invitation to, in one fell swoop, Update All, I do a quick scroll down the list to see which of my apps are about to become better than they were before… okay, I’ve seen enough, Update All. The circles start going around and while they do their thing I need to occupy myself to avoid the growing suspense… What new features will I have? Maybe a new photo filter. Oh those bug fixes, they are life changing. Even better, an inconceivably unnoticeable performance improvement.

We all do like an update (even though I can’t help but regard these performance improvement “updates” somewhat as a placebo that capitalises on our excitement for an update).

Anyway, point is, we have an update for you, a real one—you can now add an already booked pre-paid service back to the package. Wait, what? Okay, scenario please—your client has purchased a Salon Package, which includes a bunch of pre-paid items (services and/or products). Your client proceeds to book in one of their pending pre-paid services for a future date. At some point your client comes back, or calls you up, to say they need to reschedule. If they know where they want to reschedule their pre-paid appointment to, just move it to the new date. However, if the client doesn’t know where they want to reschedule the appointment to… (drum roll for the update)… you can now click the clients name on their appointment and Add Back To Package. The pre-paid service goes back to the PACKAGES section of the clients client card and waits in a pending state until it is ready to be booked in again at a later date.

…and a side note, Simple Salon is cool because you don’t even have the little red circle with the little white number thing telling you to update your system, it does it automatically—Simple Salon – 1, iPhone – 0.

Click here to learn how to use your new and improved Salon Packages feature. Click here to get Simple Salon.