New Feature

Clean up your client database

Get that spring-clean feeling from our latest feature, the Bulk Client Delete. What better time than now to do a full tidy-up of your client database. There are corners of your database which have been left untouched for months, even years, but are about to get some much-needed attention.

Cleaning up your database will make SMS marketing cheaper because you will avoid sending messages to clients who don’t come in anymore. In turn you will make your targeted marketing more efficient by only messaging relevant clients. Getting rid of clients who you haven’t seen for years will also make searching for clients easier.

Simply run the Clients who didn’t come in option on the Marketing page and you’ll be able to delete clients in bulk. Let’s do it—effortlessly delete your old clients and enjoy that spring-clean feeling today.

Haven’t got Simple Salon yet?

Haven’t got Simple Salon yet?