Before we get stuck into it, it’s time you and I became further acquainted. Since we’re on the topic of retention, I feel it relevant to reveal a little about myself (your author). Whilst settling into writing about client retention, my mind went wandering to thoughts about how I get a real kick out of knowing stuff—I love to retain knowledge. As your writer, this is precisely my role—to read, acquire, learn, and retain oodles of information; then filter it, refine it, and present you with useful, practical knowledge, which you can use to bring about fruitful results in your business.

With that said, this week I present you with one of two powerful tips that represent the crème de la crème of the information out there about the power of client retention. Our two part series will continue next week when we take a look at the second tip.

You’ll have the means to implement this weeks tip right away using your Simple Salon Client Retention Report—with it you can understand and improve your salon’s current client retention situation.

Out with the old, in with the new (ah no, that doesn’t apply here)—it costs up to 5 (some sources say 6 to 7) times more money to get a new client, than it does to keep one you’ve already got. Relate this to your own salon experiences, can you think of times when it was easier to keep an existing client than it was to gain a new one?

The way you serve your clients will play a major role in retaining them. Customer service doesn’t cost you much (if anything at all), but it’s in the details—their favourite coffee on arrival, your genuine consideration for why they’ve come to you (a one size fits all mentality won’t work as the way it worked for one person might not be the same for the next, keep reinventing the way you serve), an SMS following their appointment to ask how they’re loving their new look, or from your Client Retention Report a personalised email to those who haven’t rebooked… personal touches like these keep them coming back, and all you paid for was a coffee and text message. Compare this to the marketing costs associated with gaining new clients—SMS and email marketing, boosted social media posts, Google AdWords… already reason enough to capitalise on your current client database.

Let’s get to it. Click here to understand and improve your salon’s current client retention situation with your Client Retention Report. Tune in next week to get tip number two.

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