Did you know that anytime you send an SMS or email to a client it’s tracked in your Campaign Report?

This includes SMS and email Reminders and PromotionsReminders are the automatic 1st and 2nd Appointment Reminder messages which are set up in your 1-Touch Marketing section, and Promotions include everything else—the automatic First VisitBirthday, and New Client messages, as well as the manual SMSs and emails you send from your Marketing page, Appointments page, or from your reports.

Your Campaign Report is located in your Marketing page. It’s a really good idea to get familiar with the report, as it will give you important information about the status of the SMSs and emails you send.

What do you do if a client says they didn’t receive their SMS?

STEP 1. Check SMS status in Campaign Report

If a client says they didn’t receive an SMS, this is something that you can easily investigate. Go to your Campaign Report, change the dates to the day the message was sent to them, click Recipients for the SMS campaign, and check the status next to their name.

If it says Sent, then the system has done everything it can do to send it to the client.

If it says Error, click the Error link and see the reason why i.e. no mobile number. If you’re unsure of what the error message means, send it to us in a support ticket and we’ll explain it to you.

If it says Pending, then the campaign is still in the process of sending, so check back a bit later once it’s finished sending.


STEP 2. Check SMS status in Simple Salon Messaging

If the SMS status says Sent, in the Campaign Report, however, the client is still saying they didn’t receive it, you can investigate it further. Go to your Admin page, choose the SMS & Email tab, and click Buy Credits. This will take you across to your Simple Salon Messaging account. Once in the account, go to MESSAGING (top left) and change the dates to when the SMS was sent. Browse through the list of sent SMSs until you find the client you’re looking for. You can also use the Number Lookup search field to find them. Once you have located the message, which was sent to them, have a look at the Status column. If it says Sent, then it was sent to the client, at which point it was up to the phone network company to deliver the message. Once it gets sent from Simple Salon to Simple Salon Messaging, and then from Simple Salon Messaging to the client, we have no further control over the delivery of the SMS.


The other cool thing about your Campaign Report is that it records your client’s SMS replies. Click Recipients for any SMS campaign and see the replies from your clients displayed in the Response column.

Go ahead and check out your Campaign Report to see for yourself how useful it is.

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