The new Dome Global Appointments feature is now live. Please watch the video below for details.

When you have a chain of salons across multiple locations, finding available times can be difficult. The new Dome Global Appointments feature allows you to centralise your appointment bookings via the Dome. There is no longer any need to login to different locations, browse up and down from the Dome or make countless phone calls between locations. Simply select any location and make the booking just as if you were right there standing in the salon. This makes it easy to use a call centre facility or a centralised reception to take bookings across your entire chain of salons. This new feature also allows each individual salon location to make bookings across the network of salons quickly and easily.

For an added level of security and flexibility, individual locations can opt-in or out of the Dome Global Appointments process making it perfect for a single owner chain of salons or a chain of salon franchises.