How to Ensure Clients

Get their online bookings right

The salon is super busy and you’re knee deep in appointments, all the while trying to correct the errors clients have made in their online bookings (the client only choose the Full Head Foils, but the Full Head Foils needs to be followed by a Cut, Blow Dry or Finish, right?). Well, you can say goodbye to online booking errors and say hello to simple bookings that include all the right service components.

Group together your popular service combinations and display them online.

We call these popular service combinations Group Services. A common example is a cut and colour which consists of two services i.e. a Full Head Foils and a Style Cut. Simply group together the two services to create a Group Service called “Full Head Foils + Style Cut” and display it online. When clients choose the group service, both services will be booked. Group Services can contain as many individual services as they need.