Last week we learnt how to take your business beyond the walls of your salon by maximising on the flexibility of Simple Salon. You realised the potential for an increase in business because your Simple Salon can actually go everywhere your staff go. If you happen to have missed last weeks post, click here to catch up. Now, you might really like the idea that your staff can be out and about on their days off making new appointments on their smartphones, but if not, we have the perfect solution for you too.

We understand that you might not want your staff to log into Simple Salon outside of the salon. If you’re umming and arring about it, keep in mind that if your staff do login outside of the salon, as long as they are setup as a staff role, they can only perform actions like booking appointments and viewing client details—just the basic functions.

With that said, if you still decide that you would only like your staff logging into Simple Salon while they are at work, then this can be arranged. We call it Global Lock Out, and when you turn it on, staff users will only be able to log into Simple Salon on the salon computer, and on the salon tablet if you have one of those floating around as well. Staff users will no longer be able to login on any computer, device or smartphone outside of the salon.

Whether you do or you don’t want staff logging in outside of the salon, it’s completely up to you. Either way, Simple Salon has your preference covered. So, if the Global Lock Out is your thing, click here to learn how you can enable it.