If your salon has specialised colourists, stylists or beauticians, then you will find this feature very handy. Simple Salon allows you to setup your operators to only perform certain services. This means that if you have specifically trained colourists, stylists or beauticians, you can assign them specific services to ensure that the system will only allow those services to be booked with them.

Setting up your operators based on their forte can be beneficial for your business—colourists to perform colours, stylists to perform styles and cuts, beauticians to perform facials and waxes. By allowing your operators to become experts in their field your salon will become known for exceptionally talented creatives.

This feature also extends to your Online Bookings. This means that when clients book online, only colour services can be booked with colourists, styling services with stylists, and beauty services with the beauticians. When a client books online and they pick a colour service, they will only be offered the operators who are colourists, along with the dates and times when that particular operator is available.

Click here to setup your operators and services according to your operators’ forte.