What is a coiffeur?

Yes, it’s a fancy name for a hairdresser (from the French, ‘coiffer’, meaning to ‘arrange the hair’), but then again, there are probably not enough words in the english dictionary (or the French one!) to describe all the services a hairdresser is required to perform.

And that’s what inspired me to come up with something fun.

G’day superstars. Oz here. I just popped in to say ‘Hi!’ to everyone in Simple Salon land. I’ve been fortunate to have had a nice long break over summer but while I was away I didn’t stop thinking about my wonderful hair-dressing friends.

While on holiday I checked Facebook once or seven-thousand times and had a bit of a chuckle at some of those ‘ironic profession pics’. You know the pics about ‘What my Mum thinks I do’ and ‘What I really do’ as a journalist, a doctor or a sound guy etc…

Well, after a couple visits with my gorgeous cutter and stylist, Charlene (at Urban Soul Salon in Doncaster), I was inspired to come up with my own version of those funny pictures. Mine is about what it’s really like in the noble and multi-faceted career of a professional hairdresser.

Hope ya’ get a laugh or two!


PS. Please feel free to share it with your friends.