Simple Salon is designed to record and track the usage of your professional products in the salon. This seamless process also extends to the re-ordering of the products you use professionally.

Simple Salon refers to these products as Salon Use. Salon Use products include professional colours, shampoos, conditioners and treatments—products which are used during your clients’ appointments.

Recording and tracking your Salon Use products starts with having a stock bin out back where you put all of your empty professional colour tubes and product containers. Once a week, or so, bring the stock bin up to the computer and add these used products to POS under Salon Use. Add them all, Save Sale, and the quantities will be deducted from your product levels.

This process ensures that your Simple Salon account accurately reflects your Salon Use product quantities at all times. When these product quantities drop below their Minimum Quantities, your Simple Salon knows to add these products to the order form the next time you generate an order for that particular supplier.

Click here to streamline your Salon Use process, and click here to learn how to reorder them.