Simple Salon streamlines your ordering process. From your supplier to the salon shelf, and from the shelf to your client — each part of the process flows seamlessly from one to the next. The Simple Salon Ordering is designed to keep track of both retail products, and professional salon use products. All stock levels are accounted for, and adjust automatically when purchased, used, and re-ordered.

Streamlining your ordering begins with the set up of your products. Each product is setup with a minimum quantity, maximum quantity & the actual quantity. Each time you sell a retail product to a client, it will be deducted from the product quantity. In the same way, each time a professional salon use product is used, the product quantity will adjust accordingly. This means that your product quantities in your Simple Salon stock reports will always reflect what you have on your shelves.

When it comes time to order some products, the Simple Salon Ordering does all the thinking for you. Create a new order and simply click the Auto Generate Order button. All the products that need to be re-ordered will be automatically added to the order form, for any particular supplier. The system knows what needs ordering based on which products have dropped below their minimum quantity required, and it knows how many to re-order based on the maximum quantity you set for the product. When the order is ready, simply click the Save & Order button and it will be emailed directly to the supplier. When the products arrive at the salon, simply Save & Receive the stock via your order form in Simple Salon, and all product quantities will be automatically updated. Simple.

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