Give your hair or beauty salon a sleek edge with a slight tweak in the way you capture new client details. Before I tell you how, humour me for a moment—let me guess, you’re still handing your clients sheets of paper on a clipboard for them to fill out their details on? I know, you’re engaging your clients in a questionnaire at the front desk, manually entering in their details for them aren’t you? (…meanwhile on your third attempt at getting the spelling of their trendy first name right, oh and that complicated hyphenated last name of theirs too—who even has the time for that?)

Here’s your solution—The Simple Salon Client Capture Form. It allows the client to enter in their own personal details via a slick form on the iPad (or any device for that matter). All you do is hand your new client the iPad when they arrive at your salon (and why not a coffee while you’re at it), then let them kick back for a few moments while they fill out their details on the Client Capture Form. When they hit Save they’re added as a new client into your Simple Salon database.

Along with their personal details, they can also add a pic of themselves by taking a selfie directly from the Client Capture Form—that way when you’re looking them up later, you know who they are.


You’ll really like this feature—click here to start using it.

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