SMS or email all clients or just those who have future appointments

SMS or email all clients

To send an SMS or email to all of your clients, go to ‘Marketing’ and click the ‘All Clients’ button. From there you can choose ‘Send SMS’ or ‘Send Email’, type your message and hit ‘Send’.*


SMS or email clients with future appointments

To send an SMS or email only to those clients who are booked in for appointments in the near future, go to ‘Reporting’ and then choose the ‘Appointments Report’. Change the ‘To Date’ to a future date i.e. 8 weeks into the future, and click ‘Show’. From there you can choose ‘Send SMS’ or ‘Send Email’, type your message and hit ‘Send’.*


* Keep in mind that 160 characters equates to one SMS credit. Therefore, if your message is more than 160 characters, multiple SMS credits will be used per text. There is also a limit to 640 characters per message, this is equivalent to 4 SMSs in one text. Please send yourself a test before you send the SMS to your clients.

If you choose ‘Send Email’, the ‘Standard Email’ option will allow you to send up to 1000 emails for free from Simple Salon. If you need to send more than 1000 emails, you’ll be required to use one of our third-party email marketing platforms—’Mailchimp’ or ‘Campaign Monitor’. To use either of these platforms, head to their websites to set up an account and then follow the steps here to connect your Simple Salon account to Mailchimp and here to connect to Campaign Monitor.