It’s an image from one of your recent shoots featuring your salon’s incredibly talented stylist who has mastered the art of the Splashlight hair colour concept. London was doing it first, but the majority of your followers are seeing for the first time on your business Facebook page – that’s so on trend. The photo is the best way to display your work. The shades of colour are lit up perfectly to capture all the details of your creativity. You are selling the dream, and that’s what it’s all about. Get socially sorted with Simple Salon and connect with your clients via your social media platforms.

Simple Salon launches your social butterfly into the air. It connects you with your clients’ Facebook profiles so that you can invite them to like your business page. Use Simple Salon to build your audience, and use social media to give them what they want visually. Society is being conditioned to need constant updates of fresh information and people have become consumers of everything, including consumers of information.

Photos and posts on your business Facebook page not only shows off your talents, but it gives your creativity and originality a context. Followers get to see a more complete picture of what you are capable of. Instil in your followers inspiration, and encourage the idea that you can make their appearance aspirations happen.

Simple Salon keeps you social. Simply go to a client’s profile in your Simple Salon account and in the Actions menu hit Facebook. Simple Salon will look up the client in Facebook so that you can invite them to ‘Like’ your page. Get into the habit of doing this at the end of each day or week – the sooner after the client’s visit, the better. When your salon is fresh in their mind they are more likely to accept the invitation to ‘Like’ your page. Use Simple Salon to build your social audience.