Simple Salon allows you to implement a powerful Loyalty Program designed to reward your clients. The Simple Salon Loyalty Program helps you build a strong, reliable, loyal client base. An effective Loyalty Program will keep your clients coming back time after time to earn points, to then be rewarded for their loyalty.

Having a loyalty program entices new clients and encourages your existing clients. Potential clients have more reason to start seeing you, and your existing clients have something that they are working towards, which keeps them coming back.

Loyalty points can be applied to any sale item such as Services, Products, Gift Vouchers and Packages. Each time your clients purchase any of these items, which have points attached to them, the points are added to the clients loyalty points total.

Clients can accumulate points and then when they have reached a certain number of points they can use the points to redeem free services, which you have setup, or they can convert their points to a Gift Voucher of your choice.

Alternatively, you can use the Auto Loyalty Points setting to automatically apply points to all items in any of these categories (i.e. all services, all products, all vouchers, and/or all packages).

Click here to see how you can setup your very own Loyalty Points Program. The setup will take you through enabling clients for loyalty points, applying points to individual services, products, vouchers and packages, setting up your Auto Loyalty Points, redeeming services with points, and converting your clients’ loyalty points to Gift Vouchers.

Now, if you haven’t yet got your very own Simple Salon account, click here to get started and take your business into a new era of growth today!