It is only natural for your clients to tell their friends and family about the wonderful experiences they have at your salon or beauty clinic. If your clients are anything like me, they like to have something fun and social planned for the evening or day of their hair or beauty appointment. This means that after you’ve finished making them look amazing, they walk out the doors of your salon and into their social setting showcasing their fresh new look. They wear your handy work with pride in front of all their friends, and before you know it, everyone knows where they got their hair done that day.

Positive word of mouth is very powerful, and it will turn into new clients coming in to see you. Wouldn’t it be nice to show your appreciation to those clients of yours who find themselves encouraging their friends and family to book their next appointment with you? Simple Salon is specifically designed so that you can do just this.

When you have a new client, who has been referred to you by one of your existing clients, there is a section in their personal details for you to record who referred them. This information is recorded and can be tracked anytime in your Simple Salon Marketing section, and in your Reports. Simply bring up a list of clients who have referred someone, and reward them with Gift Vouchers or Loyalty Points. This process of recording, tracking and rewarding your clients who have referred someone new, is powerful and seamless. Your Simple Salon is beautifully designed to manage all of your referrals, which in turn means more business for you.

Click here to learn how you can record, track and reward your clients who are referring their friends and family.