As the salon owner, wherever you are you can take out your phone or tablet to check the salons progress in Simple Salon—see how busy it is, make new appointments, update existing ones, check up on how your operators are performing, see figures in real time, view your reports, do some SMS and email marketing… everything and anything.

With a basic level of access your staff can also log in outside of the salon, allowing them to make new appointments, check their schedule, or plan their days… anywhere, anytime. By allowing your staff remote access, your appointment book can be filling up outside of work hours. They can be down the street, out with their friends, and still making appointments anytime the opportunity arises.

If you’d prefer for your staff to only have access in the salon, no problem. Simple Salon allows you to implement an extra level of security, called the Global Lock Out. When it’s turned on you can control which computers and devices your staff can access Simple Salon on. All you do is turn on the feature, which locks all computers and devices, then individually unlock the computers and devices, which your staff do need to use Simple Salon on.

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Otherwise, if you find yourself still restricted to the four walls of your salon, it’s time to get out more—click here to get Simple Salon today.