Most of us are suckers for a good ol’ personality test right? We enjoy analysing ourselves, knowing where our strengths lie, what our tendencies are. When we understand what we’re good at, and what we’re not so good at, we pinpoint areas of greatness, areas of potential, and areas that could undergo some improvements. Where possible, the choices we make in life play to our strengths, like our careers for example — you didn’t choose this career because you’re terrible at it, but because you’re good at it, and when we’re good at something, that usually means we like doing it. When you like something, you continue to get even better at it… get my drift?

So, what is it that you and your staff are good at in the salon? Have you ever thought about taking some time to figure out who is good at what, and playing to those strengths? At the moment everyone does a bit of everything, but what if there’s another way? Perhaps Zac is your best colourist, Megan excels in cutting, and Gen is particularly good at upstyles and braids… and have you noticed how Barry has a real knack for eyebrow shaping?

Each of your hair and beauty artists are unique, with varying skill sets — yes, they probably can do everything, but what would happen to the satisfaction level of your clients if Zac was doing the colours, Megan the cutting, Gen the styling, and Barry the eyebrow threading? Your clients are getting the best possible outcome every time they come in… and trust me, clients know when they’ve had a good hair cut and a not so good one, and they usually don’t say anything, but it’s enough for them not to come back.

Simple Salon has a feature designed to manage the differences in expertise between your hair and beauty artists, allowing you to assign specific services to specific operators. All you do is tell the system who does what, and from then on when you book your clients in you’ll be notified if you’re booking an appointment with an operator who isn’t setup to perform those services. Simple Salon ensures that each of your operators are doing what they’re really good at, meaning that they like what they do, they own what they do, they treasure and respect their unique role, and your clients are happy.

Click here to setup your operator’s specific service list and start playing to the strengths of your staff.

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