With each client who walks through your salon doors, make them feel extra special by picking up the conversation from where you left it last time they were in. The chats you have with your clients can flow from one appointment to the next. Don’t worry, no one expects you to remember every detail of all the conversations you’ve ever had with every single client—but Simple Salon can. Simple Salon is designed to do all the remembering for you.

When your client arrives let them know that their extra hot, double-shot, skinny, mocha-chocca latte is coming right up. You don’t actually remember that this is how they like their coffee, but you did check their client comments moments before they arrived, so you’re up to speed.

How about the details of their appointment? What was that complicated colour you did for them at their last appointment? Simple Salon has that covered too. Record colour history comments and visit notes on your clients appointments, and Simple Salon will keep track of it all. Your client’s history notes will pop up in various places in your Simple Salon account, making it easy for you to refer to the notes at your convenience.

Click here to record and track appointment specific visit notes, and click here to record and track your client comments.

With Simple Salon you’ll deliver exceptional service and never miss a detail again.