Our Top 6 Salon Client Retention Strategies

How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back Time & Time Again

The salon world is a competitive one, and keeping your clients happy and coming back over and over again is the ultimate goal – but how do you retain clients? And what can you do to keep your clients happy?

These are our top six tips for client retention so you can reap the rewards of loyal clients that come back to your salon time and again.

1. Personalised Experiences

Customers want to feel like they’re your only client, and tailoring personalised services is the best way to achieve that feeling. With our tech-savvy salon management software at the helm of your business, you can keep detailed records of your clients past services, what they like and don’t like and any other specific notes so you can tailor your services to suit every client.

Remembering details about your clientele like who their favourite stylist is, what products they love or loathe and if they’re booking in for any special occasions goes a long way when it comes to creating a loyal clientele.

2. Offer Loyalty Rewards

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! One of the simplest ways to keep your clients loyal to your salon is to offer loyalty programs and rewards that encourage people to come back! Offer rewards for regular visits, discounts on products for referrals or free samples for members and you’ve got customers for life – trust us!

You may also want to consider bundling services together at a discounted price so clients are more likely to get additional services and spend more time in the salon chair.

3. Get Good at Communicating

Good communication is key to fostering any long term relationship – and a stylist/client relationship is no different. Implement tools and technologies that send out personlised offers, reminder texts and follow-up messages to your clients to encourage them to revisit your salon.

Effective communication really is key when it comes to building long-term client relationships!

4. Keep Services Consistent

We’ve all experienced it before, you go to a salon once and they do a superb job but the next time you’re in the services just aren’t quite hitting the same way. Nothing turns clients off a salon faster than inconsistency so keeping your services consistent across the board is crucial if you want to keep clients for the long-term.

Having access to past records of clients services is a great way to keep clients consistent, that way every stylist can look back on previous appointments and see exactly what was done and in turn they can replicate the service. You know what they say, happy clients, happy life!

5. Build a Community

Building a community is key when it comes to salon retention. You really want your clients to feel like they’re a part of the salon family and there are a couple of ways to emulate that feeling in your clients. You could host workshops, events or collaborate with local businesses to create a network of local businesses who all get to reap the rewards of loyal clients.

Make your clients feel connected to you – and to the salon – and you’re sure to have loyal clients that support your salon and the community you’ve built!

6. Get Online

Arguably one of the most important factors for building and maintaining your clientele in today’s world is a good online presence. Whether it’s having socials that encourage clients to interact with you and your staff or it’s an online booking system that makes booking and rebooking appointments with your salon super easy – a strong online presence helps you to build a client base of loyal clients.

Building social media presence can also help new clients find your salon so you can get new clients as well as keeping your old ones – Win!

How Can We Help?

At Simple Salon we know what it takes to build a client base of loyal customers so you can help your business grow. Contact us today to chat about our software management systems that can help your salon business run more smoothly so you can focus on what really matters – your clients!