Being ahead of the game keeps you on trend, but also ahead of it so you’re prepared for the next thing—even before it hits the industry you’re on it. This week I have for you 3 super fresh, hot off the press industry techniques to give your salon some edge.

Industry Technique #1 – Hair Contouring—this revolutionary application is all about simulating real life depth in the hair using light and shade to enhance the natural contour of the face. The technique requires precision free hand application of dark, medium and light tones from across the spectrum. Each face shape (round, oval, diamond) and skin tone (warm, cool, olive) requires careful consideration to perfect the complementary hair color palette and highlight/lowlight placement. When a tailored balance of highlights and lowlights are applied to the hair around the face, the natural contours, curves and skin tones of the face are emphasised.

Industry Technique #2 – Face Illumination—while contouring the face is still the done thing for many makeup artists, those who are ahead of the game have moved on—now it’s all about highlighting and illuminating only. This technique leaves the whole shadow thing to figure itself out naturally, as it’s no longer about creating depth with darkness, but rather lighting up the high peaks to simulate the look of natural light hitting the face, in turn revealing the natural shape.

Industry Technique #3 – Device Game Strongbeing ahead of the game will have you thinking about styling, trends and techniques, but that will only get you so far. Running a successful salon is more than just glamour, you have to think business as well—business trends, business techniques and business technology. Here’s the business technology low down—it’s all about the flexibility and mobility of smartphones and tablets. When your device game is strong, it means that you have multiple points of access to your business. The more points of access you have to your business, the more control you have. The missing link now is your device compatible software solution. Simple Salon, accessible on any computer or device, is and has always been well and truly ahead of the business game. It’s your software solution engineered to manage and power your business—appointments, POS, reporting, figures, profitability, online bookings, SMS & email marketing, operator KPI’s… and accessible on any computer, any device, anywhere, anytime—limitless points of access.

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