Get ready to change the way you manage your salon and operator hours with the release of the Simple Rostering feature update. In just a few very simple steps you’ll have your salon opening hours in place, and your operators working hours set.

Your rostering is now separated into Simple Rostering (the new way) and Advanced Rostering (the old way)—you can pick. The Simple Rostering has our vote for the most seamless way of managing your hours, the Advanced Rostering becomes more involved with extras things like roster types and roster rates, therefore unless you’re into that, the Simple Rostering is for you.

If you are already using Simple Salon, to start making the most of this hot off the press feature, you’ll need to head over to your Roster Settings (in Settings) and un-tick Enable Advanced Rostering.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go. Go to your Appointment Settings (in Settings) and simply set your salon opening hours. Choose the days you’re closed, the hours you’re open, and you’re done—your Appointment book will reflect your opening hours. As for your staff, pop over to your Roster, click an operator name and set their working hours, done. Your Simple Rostering also sorts out your Online Booking site, as your salon and operator hours are reflected there too.

Click here to see the new Simple Rostering in action.

If you’re not yet managing your salon with Simple Salon, click here to get going today.