Simple Salon has a cool feature designed to manage your multi-client appointments.

The multi-client appointment feature allows you to create a service, which you can book multiple clients into at the same time. An example of a multi-client appointment is a Bridal Party, in which case you have the bride and all of her bridesmaids booked in at the same time to get their hair and make up done for the big day.

With the multi-client appointment feature, you make one booking and simply add all of the clients to that one appointment. In the lead up to the appointment, each client can reply ‘Yes’ to their SMS Reminder, which in turn flags each client as Confirmed. On the day of the multi-client appointment, as each client arrives, they can be flagged individually as Arrived.

Each client listed on the multi-client appointment is linked to their individual client card. Therefore, client specific visit notes can be made against each client if needs be. Also, if the multi-client appointment requires individual payment from each client, you can simply add each one to POS from the appointment for them to pay separately.

Click here to start using the multi-client appointment feature, you’ll be glad you did!