Well, you don’t actually have to master this art, Simple Salon already has for you. With all the hundreds of clients you see, it can become very difficult for you to keep an eye on who hasn’t rebooked—the good news is that Simple Salon keeps track of it all to ensure that you are maximising your client retention.

Simple Salon allows you to see at a glance who of your clients didn’t rebook. It doesn’t stop there though, another layer to this rebooking analysis is the ability to set a targeted timeframe, which shows you clients who didn’t rebook within a set number of weeks from their last appointment. Simple Salon calls this the Target Rebook Period.

How does the Target Rebook Period work? Let’s say that you set your Target Rebook Period to 8 weeks, which is generally the timeframe in which your clients should rebook within. Simple Salon Marketing allows you to select the ‘Clients Who Didn’t Rebook’ option and tick ‘Within Target Rebook Period’. This will show you all those clients who didn’t rebook within 8 weeks of the appointment they had between the date range you selected.

This kind of analysis means that you can target the clients who rebooked outside of the 8 weeks and encourage them to rebook more regularly—within your Target Rebook Period. The more regularly they are coming back to see you, the sooner it becomes their routine and the more your business benefits. You can SMS or email these clients an offer as an incentive to book within 8 weeks after their next appointment.

Click here to learn how to use your Target Rebook Period and start getting used to the idea of seeing your clients’ happy faces every few weeks.