Simple Salon is designed to send your clients automatic SMS & Email Reminders, as well as a whole range of SMS & Email Promotions. We can’t assume that everyone wants to get all of these messages, that’s why Simple Salon makes it so simple for you to manage your clients’ SMS & email preferences.

Most clients like the idea of receiving reminders and promotions from you, but from time to time you might have a client let you know that they don’t wish to receive SMS’s or emails for reminders and/or promotions. Some clients might like the idea of receiving reminders, but perhaps not promotions, or vice versa. Either way, what ever your clients’ preferences are, your Simple Salon can be tailored to suit what your clients want.

In order for your clients to receive SMS’s and email, they do need to be enabled for it. Simple Salon makes it easy for you to enable or disable all of your clients in one go for SMS Reminders, SMS Promotions, Email Reminders, and Email Promotions. Alternatively, you can enable or disable clients individually for any of these preferences. A good way to do it is to enable everyone for everything, then if a client does mention that they don’t want to receive a particular message type, then you can disable them individually via their client profile. So turn them all on at once, then turn them off one by one if they ask for it.

Click here to learn how to manage your clients’ SMS and email preferences.

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