Recently I was asked, “What’s Simple Salon’s USP?” USP… had to google that one. Turns out it means “Unique Selling Position”. So, in other words, I was being asked what makes Simple Salon stand out from the crowd? Well, here’s it is—a few reasons for why we are a stand-out when it comes to salon software.


There is so much to gain when you go online—flexibility, control, mobility, and power. With Simple Salon you can manage your business from anywhere, anytime, from any computer and device… and unlike pretty much all the other salon software programs, with Simple Salon you DON’T pay any extra per computer/device.

If your internet “goes down”, securely login from any other computer, device or smartphone. Smartphones connect to the phone network’s internet, therefore in the event that you have no wifi, simply log into your Simple Salon account on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. All your data is backed up every moment of the day, so you won’t lose anything.


It’s amazing how much some people are paying for salon software, but there’s no reason to paying so much. With Simple Salon, you only pay an affordable monthly fee based on the number of operator columns you require in your Appointments page.

There is no sign-up cost, no contracts, you can stop at any time, and there is no cancellation fee.


Simple Salon pretty much does everything—Appointments, POS, Reporting, Staff Rostering, Wages, Xero Integration, Online Bookings, SMS/Email Reminders/Promotions and heaps more… ALL for a very affordable price.

Not only that though, Simple Salon works FOR you by generating more business. Put it this way, one extra appointment a month will pay for Simple Salon. Opportunities for marketing and promotions are endless—send out an SMS promotion or a free email promotion and watch how many more appointments you get that month. Simple Salon makes your business grow… so really, you basically don’t pay anything because the system actually makes you money.

If you don’t have Simple Salon yet, click here to get started today.