When you sign up for Simple Salon before December 31st 2016 you’ll get a FREE Data Import* (valued at $399). This means that come the New Year, you’ll have a fresh new system to manage your salon scheduling, SMS, POS, reporting, marketing (and much more), AND you can have all of your clients, services, products, and staff in there ready to go, for FREE.

The process is simple—sign up with FREEIMPORT in Referral Code of Sign Up Form (don’t choose Data Import from Start Up Options), then email us your data file, or if it is too large, let us know and we’ll email you a link to a dropbox folder in which you can upload the data too. We do also have export instructions for various systems, so upon sign up let us know what program your data is currently in and if we’ve got the instructions (chances are we do), we’ll email you back the steps for how to export the data.

Once we have your data we give ourselves up to one week to complete the import process, then with most of the set up done for you, all you’ll need to do is tweak a few things, and away you go. You’ll be setup and using your new Simple Salon program in no time at all.

Click the SIGN UP button below to get your FREE Data Import, and see the New Year in with a brand new software system for your salon.


*The Data Import covers all clients, operators (staff), products, services, and service history as far back as the past 2 years (provided this is retrievable from your previous system database or the data you provide is in a spread sheet format). Unfortunately future appointments cannot be imported from your previous system, and nor can we import any transaction/financial history.