Simple Salon has 5 ways for your hair or beauty business to achieve automatic growth and success—set it up, get back to doing what you like to do, and leave the rest to the system.

Automatic Appointment Reminders—set your SMS and email reminders to send automatically, any number of days (you choose) before your clients’ appointments, to keep your salon buzzing like Burke Street. Between clients take a quick look at your schedule and you’ll notice lots of C’s on your upcoming appointments — without you doing anything your clients have been reminded, and they’ve confirmed to let you know they’ll be there.

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Automatic First Visit Message—leave it up to your Simple Salon to follow up your new clients with an automated message acknowledging that they came in to see you for the first time. This kind of personal touch makes all the difference when it comes to keeping your clients and making them feel confirmed about their choice to come to you. Your Simple Salon will automatically send this message how ever many days (again, you choose) after their first appointment.

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Automatic Birthday Message—a day or so before, or even on the day of their birthday, your Simple Salon will send your clients a personalised happy birthday message. You can come up with the wording of the SMS or email, perhaps even extend to them a small gift, like a voucher.

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Automatic New Client Message—the moment you hit Save after adding in a new clients personal details, you can have an SMS or email automatically sent to your brand new client. Before they’ve even had their appointment you’re welcoming them to your salon, making them feel right at home.

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Automatic Operator Appointment Notifications—these are automatic SMSs and emails, which are sent to your operators notifying them of their new appointments, appointment updates, online bookings and cancellations. With these optional notifications you’re sure to be running a tight ship.

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