Simple Salon has been online since the beginning of time, well so it seems anyway. Believe it or not, there was a time when the word ‘online’ was seldom used. During this ancient era, despite the rarity of the phenomenon, over in Simple Salon land ‘online’ was the foundation for that which was being built. We were ahead of our time then, and we still are.

There is so much to gain when you go online. Go on, go online. You’ll gain flexibility, control, mobility and power. Manage your business from anywhere, anytime.

Go with us for a moment… you’re away, let’s go somewhere far away. Perhaps the beautiful beaches along the Amalfi Coast of Italy? Perfect. You’re on the other side of the world enjoying the sights and sounds. You’re loving the fact that you have some time to switch off and enjoy the holiday, but there might come a time when you need to touch base with the business. With Simple Salon you don’t even need to leave the beach for this. Simply jump online and in a matter of moments you’ll see everything, just as if you were back in the salon standing at the front counter. At your convenience, manage your appointment book, check your reports, view operator performance, see exactly how much the salon has made up until that very moment, or even send out some marketing campaigns to keep business rolling in while you’re away. Manage your business at your convenience – anywhere, anytime.

You might not be as far away from the salon as Italy, you might simply be at home or down the street. Either way, with Simple Salon you have the flexibility to be able to manage your business from wherever you choose to be.

Going online is secure. Your Simple Salon account is password protected with numerous levels of customisable security. As an administrator, you have access to everything, anywhere, anytime, from any device. As for your staff, they can be set up with staff user access to ensure that they have what they need for their day to day operations.

Go online – you’ve got nothing to loose. If your internet ‘goes down’, simply login using any other computer, device or smartphone. Smartphones connect to the phone network’s internet, therefore in the event that you have no wifi, simply log into your Simple Salon account on your iPhone, iPad or android device. All your data is backed up every moment of the day, so you will never loose a thing.

You too can have your business world at your finger tips anywhere, anytime.

Go on… go online with Simple Salon.