Simple Salon has released a brand new feature to allow you to connect a Swipe Card Reader to your computer to take credit card/debit card payments. No more external credit card machine required.

Many of you have been asking for the ability to connect an external credit card machine to Simple Salon, but we’ve taken it one step further with an integrated card reader. What’s really hot about this feature is that there is no merchant account required to use Stripe.

The Simple Salon integration with Stripe means that you can connect a Swipe Card Reader to your computer and take credit card/debit card payments without an external credit card machine. Simply swipe the credit card through the card reader, which is attached to your computer and linked to your Simple Salon, and the payments will be processed instantly.

You can get started straight away taking payments. Sign up for Stripe, connect your Swipe Card Reader, and away you go!

Click here to learn how you can start using this awesome new feature.