Simple Salon is a powerful tool designed to grow your business, as well as manage your salon. It is as much an engine which powers your business growth, as it is an effective scheduling tool. When you use the Simple Salon functionality to its maximum potential, your business will become noticeably more successful.

Over the coming weeks, we will be looking at the Simple Salon 4 part business series called “Use Simple Salon to Grow Your Business”. Like the name suggests, we unpack some simple, practical and effective things you can do with Simple Salon to generate more sales and expand your business.

Part 1. Just one touch: Watch your business flourish with the convenience of automation

See how the Simple Salon Automatic 1-Touch SMS & Email Marketing is powerfully designed to connect with your new clients and drive new sales.

Part 2. Increase your business profitability with the Simple Salon Marketing

Understand our basic marketing strategy designed to target existing clients. Maintain a healthy client database by connecting with all clients via promotional SMS and emails.

Part 3. Knowledge is power: Know where your business stands

Using the Simple Salon Dashboard & Benchmarking, we take a look a how your salon performed in retrospect so you can use the analysis to strategise for the future. Even compare your salon’s performance to other salons of a similar size.

Part 4. Have your clients coming back for more

Take your business to new levels with the powerful Simple Salon Marketing. Promote to specific client groups, like first time clients who haven’t been in since their first appointment, and keep them coming back.

Follow us over the next couple of weeks to uncover your incredible business potential with Simple Salon.

Stay tuned as “Part 1. Just one touch: Watch your business flourish with the convenience of automation” will be released on Thursday 5th February.