Simple Salon Messaging (SSM) is the improved way for you to SMS your clients.

Simple Salon Messaging is the Simple Salon advanced in-house texting platform designed specifically for you to streamline your messaging. With fixed pricing for SMS credits (only 9 cents per SMS), and the setup already done for you, all you need to do is click a button, buy some credits and away you go. It’s that simple.

Simple Salon Messaging also has the 2 Way Messaging automatically setup ready to go. So, right from the get go your clients can reply Yes to their SMS Reminder, which will automatically put the letter C on their appointments to confirm that they’re coming in.

If you are still using SMS Central it’s time to start making the switch to Simple Salon Messaging. Next time you run out of SMS credits, in your SMS Central account, swap over to Simple Salon Messaging and buy your next lot of credits there. We are phasing out SMS Central, therefore it is in your interest to use up your remaining SMS Central credits, then make the move.

Click here to make the switch to Simple Salon Messaging today, or to see how you’ll do it the next time you run out of SMS credits in SMS Central.