Now, let’s get down to it, how come you’re still not using SMS? How do you make sure that your clients come in, or maybe some of them don’t come in? Well, you can’t be having that. SMS is the way forward for you, and here’s why:

| enough with the cancellations already |

It must be hard keeping up with all your clients if you’re not texting them, and by texting them we mean having your system send appointment reminders for you automatically. A client books their appointment with you, but if they’re not reminded a day or two before, how can you guarantee that they’ll be there? Perhaps you’re still calling them all? Put your time to better use and leave it up to Simple Salon to make sure that you don’t have empty seats.

| confirmation convenience |

While you’re busy getting your creative on balayaging, hair contouring, sombré-ing (yeah we know all about the subtle ombré), your automatic SMS reminders have already been sent to your clients who are coming in tomorrow. On top of that, these clients have also texted back with the word Yes confirming that they’ll be there, automatically putting the letter C on their appointments to show you that they’ve confirmed. You didn’t have to do a thing, and your seats are filled.

| only 9 cents per SMS |

That’s less than what you pay when you send an SMS from your phone. Outside of the salon you’re texting all the time, so why not apply that same convenience to your business? Exactly, there is no reason why you wouldn’t.

SMS really is the way forward for you, so if you’re not already onto it, click here to turn your SMS on.

If you still haven’t got Simple Salon, you need that first, so click here to get started today.