A Gift Voucher makes for a great present, but have you thought about how Gift Vouchers also make for an effective marketing tool? Ponder that for a moment. When a client of yours purchases a voucher as a gift for a friend, they give their friend the present and they talk about how much they are going to enjoy it. That’s positive word of mouth, proven to be one of the most important and effective ways to generate more business.

Everyone wants to feel like they’ve bought their friend or family member a really good present, therefore giving a gift is inherently linked with a justification of why the receiver is going to love it. What happens is, your client hands their friend your Gift Voucher and proceeds to tell them all about how much they are going to enjoy being pampered, how wonderful your service is, and how your salon has the best stylists and beauticians in town. Before you know it, your client is marketing your business.

If you are actively showcasing your vouchers as gift ideas to your clients, your clients and your gift vouchers become your marketers. You hook your clients up with really convenient gift ideas, and your business benefits as the new clients come in to see you—it’s a win win.

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