Hi everyone, we have just released a number of new features and some small bug fixes. Thanks to everyone for their continued feedback and ideas! See below for details of this month’s release.

1. ‘Remember Me’ for iPad and iPhone

Many of you use Apple iPads and iPhones to access Simple Salon and have asked us to add a ‘Remember Me’ option on the login page. So, you guessed it, we have. Now you can login to your account once and each time you open Simple Salon on your iPad or iPhone it will log you in automatically. Note that if you press ‘Log Out’ it will remove your log in details.

2. ‘Appointment Re-schedule’

For those of you who use the ‘Re-schedule’ option when editing an Appointment, we have changed the process to use the ‘Clipboard’ to make it easier and faster.

3. ‘SMS/Email Campaign Report’ update

Sometimes it’s handy to know just when you’ve sent a SMS or Email campaign, so we’ve added the time to the SMS/Email Campaign Report. We’ve also made the error messages that you get more descriptive. You can view these error messages in the ‘Print’ view.

4. Taking photos with your iPad

If you haven’t upgraded your Apple iPad to iOS 6, now’s the time to do it. Now when you go to a client’s details page and select ‘Take Photo’ from the ‘Actions’ menu you will see a button to upload a photo. If you click the button on your iPad with iOS 6, it will ask you if you would like to take a photo with the built in camera. Very handy!

5. Boring Bug Fixes

We’ve also resolved a number of bugs that we have identified recently including the exporting to Campaign Monitor of large number of clients and the bulk sending of Online Booking details. Please let us know of any bugs you find by adding a Support Request. We really appreciate your help.

What’s Next?

Excellent question! The team is hard at work adding some new and exciting updates! Stay tuned for more details!