Simple Salon are always working on the development of innovative features, and we are excited to announce the release of a new one.

This new feature comes in the form of added improvements to the Salon Packages feature. The Simple Salon Salon Packages functionality allows you to bundle together multiple services and/or products for your clients to purchase as a pre-paid package. The pre-paid package items wait in a pending state in the client’s Client Card for when they are ready to redeem their pre-paid products, or book in for their pre-paid services.

Simple Salon has added in the ability for your clients to redeem multiple package items in one go. This functionality is applied to the pre-paid products, which are a part of the package.

This feature is particularly useful for salon packages such as a Botox Package, where the client purchases a package which includes a large quantity of Botox units. Each time the client books in for a Botox service, they need to be able to redeem a multiple number of Botox units. The Botox units are the pre-paid products in the package, which are used during their appointment.

Multiple package items can be redeemed by going to the client’s Client Card, and in the Products section clicking Collect next to the product they wish to redeem. On the right side panel, you can enter in the number of products the client is redeeming at this time.

Click here to start making the most of this innovative new feature.