Based on an innovative idea we’ve received from you guys, we have implemented a cool new feature to give you, the salon owner, the ability to allow your staff users to send individual SMS’s to clients.

Up until now, only Salon Managers and Administrators have been able to text clients individually, however a few of you have been asking if your Staff can do so also. It’s a great idea, so we’ve made it possible for you.

You now have a setting to allow those who have Staff access login details to send individual SMS’s. Some of you might still like the idea of only Salon Managers and Administrators having access to this function, therefore you can continue as you are without enabling the new setting.

Perhaps you didn’t even know it was possible to send an individual SMS to a client. If you’re hearing about this function for the first time, well it’s time to start making the most of this feature. There are many scenarios that call for a quick personalised text to be sent to a client. Shoot them a text to tell them you’re running ahead of schedule to let them know they can come in earlier, or perhaps you’re running late, so send them a message letting them know to come in a tad later.

Click here to enable this cool new setting and start making your client interactions more personal.