Hi everyone,

Welcome to 2013! We’re sure it’s going to be huge! To get the year started we’ve released a new feature to help you kick things off with a bang! Plus, a number of small bug fixes and improvements.

1. Bulk Price Changes

It’s a new year or a new season and you want to update the prices of your products and/or services, well with Simple Salon this is really simple and easy to do. Using the ‘Bulk Price Change’ feature you can instantly update all your prices by applying a percentage or dollar amount to increase/decrease the prices of your products and/or services. Check out this video for more details.

2. Support Page Change

If you’ve been using our ‘Help & Support’ page you will notice a small change to the form. We are in the process of further enhancing our friendly support and these changes are the first step in the process.

What’s next?

The team are very close to releasing a connection with Xero, the supor cool online accounting package. We will keep you posted with further details.