Hi everyone,

Our Team have been busy working on a number of new things to make Simple Salon even better and easier for you to use. Here’s what’s new in this release:



1. Updated Point-Of-Sale

We have updated the POS process based on your feedback to make it cleaner, simpler and quicker to checkout or close the sale. When you are in the POS page you will notice that we have removed all of the many links that used to be there and replaced them with just two. One to scan and another to ‘Add Items’. The new ‘Add Items’ link loads a pop-up that allows you to pick the items you would like to add. We have also changed the way the ‘add pages’ work to allow you add multiple items in one go without having to re-select the item type. You can see how all this works in out Feature update video.

2. Packages & Gift Vouchers 

Many of you have remarked that you would like to see Salon Packages and Gift Vouchers as separate items and not be reported as product sales or appear in the Product tab on the ‘Admin’ page. To that end we have now separated these items and introduced the new ‘Vouchers & Packages’ tab in the ‘Admin’ page. All your existing gift vouchers and salon packages items have been automatically moved to this new tab. We have also simplified the process of adding new package and voucher items to make it more user friendly. We have also created some new reports to cater for this separation.

3. Admin Page Changes

If you’ve just gone to the ‘Admin’ page you might be wondering what happened to some of your tabs. In order to accomodate the new ‘Vouchers & Packages’ tab we have moved a couple of tabs namely the ‘Suppliers’ and the ‘SMS/Email Templates’ tab into the ‘Lists’ tab. Just pull down the drop down menu to load your list of suppliers or SMS/Email templates.

3. New Packages and Gift Voucher Reports

As described earlier we have generated 2 new reports, a ‘Package Purchase Report’ and a ‘Gift Voucher Report’. The ‘Package Purchase Report’ gives you a break down of all packages sold and who purchased them. The ‘Gift Voucher Report’ gives you a breakdown of the vouchers sold and redeemed for a given date range. By simply clicking on the either the sold or redeemed amount you can see a breakdown of the clients who either bought or redeemed vouchers.

4. Rewarding Loyalty Points

Ever wanted to reward all your clients with a bonus 100 points as part of a promotion? Well, now you can. Just open up your ‘Loyalty Points Settings’ on your ‘Settings’ page and check out the new ‘Reward All Members with Bonus Points’ option. All you have to do is enter the amount and hit ‘GO’. You can also use this feature to deduct points from all your client by placing a negative number.

What’s next?

The team are in the final phase of testing for our Xero integration and hope to have it released in the next update. The super cool online accounting package should make managing your business a lot easier. There are also some cool new reporting & marketing features that are not to far on the horizon. We will keep you posted with further details.